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How Often Should Your Office Have A Deep Clean?

January 22, 2018

Pushing around the vacuum cleaner and wiping down equipment with a duster regularly is good for an office, but every once in a while an office space needs a good, deep cleaning. A thorough deep cleaning will not only rejuvenate the space itself, but will give your employees a jolt of positivity as well. No one likes sitting in a filthy work space. Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning Enlisting the help of a cleaning service will make sure a deep clean is done properly. In addition to everyday cleaning like sweeping, mopping floors and dusting, a deep cleaning includes the extras listed below. Air ducts are given a good vacuuming out, with the filters being cleaned or replaced. Carpets, draperies…

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What To Keep And What To Throw Away While Spring Cleaning

March 30, 2017

Spring has almost sprung and many people are already dreading the upcoming spring cleaning season. While cleaning and organizing is by no means a “fun” activity, it can be incredibly liberating, and above all, useful, especially if you know what you are doing. Office spring cleaning is particularly important because it sets the tone for your efficiency for the rest of the year. A cluttered work space is an inefficient one. Below are some tips on what to keep and what to throw away while spring cleaning. Old Paper This should be prime culprit number one. Search and destroy old, useless paper around the office. Well, don’t destroy, definitely recycle it, but most offices have such an abundance of old,…

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These 5 Printable Charts Will Help You Clean Like A Pro

March 21, 2017

Keeping all of the things in your home clean is no small task. You need to have a plan if you are going to get all of that done efficiently and still have time to do the other things that you have on your plate. If you have been searching for some help perfecting your cleaning ability, search no further. Below are five printable charts that will help you clean like a true cleaning professional. Laundry Stain Removal Guide This chart breaks down laundry stain removal into types of stains, including ink, mud, grass, wine, grease, protein, rust, sweat and sauces. Keep it handy in the laundry room for quick reference when stains strike and know how to deal with…

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Office Organization Hacks You Should Use

March 15, 2017

Spring is fast approaching and that means one thing: spring cleaning. Some people dread this, others relish it, but one thing is for certain, anyone who successfully tackles their spring cleaning is guaranteed to feel much better about their space. If you are feeling a little disorganized in the office and are looking for some advice this spring, below are some spring cleaning tips that will help you organize your office. Find a Better Place to Put Your Phone This is a multi-pronged spring cleaning attack because not only will it eliminate clutter, but it will also make you and your employees less distracted while at work. Many offices are implementing a no phone while on the job policy so…

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