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How Often Should Your Office Have A Deep Clean?

January 22, 2018

Pushing around the vacuum cleaner and wiping down equipment with a duster regularly is good for an office, but every once in a while an office space needs a good, deep cleaning. A thorough deep cleaning will not only rejuvenate the space itself, but will give your employees a jolt of positivity as well. No one likes sitting in a filthy work space. Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning Enlisting the help of a cleaning service will make sure a deep clean is done properly. In addition to everyday cleaning like sweeping, mopping floors and dusting, a deep cleaning includes the extras listed below. Air ducts are given a good vacuuming out, with the filters being cleaned or replaced. Carpets, draperies…

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How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

December 11, 2013

If you have a child who loves cleaning their room without being asked, you’re luckier than about 99% of parents out there. For the rest of us, it can take some creative thinking to get the little ones to pick up their toys, vacuum their floors, and clean up their messes. Luckily, we’re here to help with our handy guide to getting the kids to clean their room with as little tears as possible! Define “Clean” There’s a good chance that your child’s idea of clean is a bit different than yours. Help define what a clean room is, by creating a check list with including tasks like these: Make Your Bed Put Away Toys Vacuum the Floor Make Sure…

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Cleaning Your Bathroom in One Minute a Day

November 25, 2013

Of all the household chores out there, we’ll bet money that if you ask anybody what their least favourite one is, the answer will be a unanimous, “Cleaning the bathroom!” And really, what’s to like about it? Getting on your hands and knees to scrub mildew out of tiles, trying not to be grossed-out while removing streaks from the toilet bowl, and trying to get off that stubborn soap scum from your shower head are certainly not appealing tasks in anyone’s eyes. But what if we told you there was a way to never spend more than a minute getting your bathroom nice and clean? It sounds like something out of a dream world, but trust us – it’s possible…

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Can You Clean Your Carpet Without Chemicals?

October 11, 2013

Carpeted floors are great, right? After all, they’re soft, warm, and cozy…I mean what else could you ask for? Unfortunately, they are also an ideal reservoir for everything from mold and mildew to dust mites, and all kinds of nasty little chemicals and micro-organisms! So, what’s a home-owner to do? Well, you could douse the carpet in your favourite all-purpose cleaner, but some products contain even more scary chemicals and substances than the ones you’re trying to remove, which kind of defeats the purpose. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of ways to clean your carpets safely and effectively without the use of any harsh and potentially unsafe chemicals, and we’re here to share a few of them with you.…

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