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How Often Does My Business Need Window Cleaning?

February 13, 2019

Right frequency for cleaning office windows

Your business requires a window cleaning service to ensure the exterior of the company is at its best and that anyone looking out of the building has a clear view outside. But many firms don’t have a clear understanding of the window cleaning process and it’s important to learn more about why window cleaning is vital for any company. In this post, we’ll explain why this is, and try to determine the optimal frequency for window cleaning. Elements of a Window Cleaning Schedule Not all commercial buildings have facilities that require cleaning on a regular basis. Your windows should be…

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Tips for Getting the Most from Your Cleaning Company

February 6, 2019

How to find right cleaning company for business

One of the most common challenges for many office managers is choosing a cleaning specialist to help maintain their workspace. The choice of cleaning company you make can have a lasting impact on your working environment. It can make the difference between a productive working environment, in which team members are collaborative, and one in which team members are continually taking time away due to illness and are unable to complete their working duties. To help guide you in selecting a qualified cleaning service, we’re highlighting our tips for getting the most from your cleaning company in this latest post.…

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Winter Office Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Business Spotless

January 16, 2019

During the winter months there are many things that can make your business space less inviting. Despite the fact our businesses keep us warm, the cold weather has a few unexpected effects on the cleanliness of our office environment. Cleaning practices in the winter months can help address several issues including the transfer of infectious germs such as cold and flu. This can wreak havoc on your business if the germs spread amongst staff. Sick days add up and work slows down, which can interfere with the operation of your business. There are also other issues winter weather can cause for your business, which makes it a good idea to add special winter cleaning tasks to your to-do list. The…

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