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Cleaning tips to reduce dust allergies in your office

Four Cleaning Tips to Reduce Dust Allergies in Your Office

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No matter how often you dust, it seems like it’s always back a few days later. And unfortunately, many people are allergic to... Read More

Importance of deep cleaning your office often

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office?

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Take a good look at your office. When was the last time you had it deep cleaned? If you can’t remember, it may be time to... Read More

What is included in specialty cleaning services?

Specialty Cleaning Services: What’s Included?

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Specialty cleaning services have become more popular with the current global awareness of viruses and the impending cold and flu... Read More

Areas in the office you miss while you clean

7 Areas in the Office You’re Missing When You Clean

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Office cleaning is a hassle, which causes many of us to rush through it in the hope of finishing sooner. One of the problems with... Read More

Why it’s important to increase cleaning frequency in the workplace?

Why It’s Important to Increase Cleaning Frequency in the Workplace

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There are a variety of factors impacting Canadian workers right now, including the workspace environment. A clean environment is... Read More