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Professional Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning: What’s The Difference?

December 18, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Vs Steam Cleaning

The most popular choices for deep cleaning carpets are carpet shampooing and steam cleaning. While they both have their purposes, they are distinctly different methods of caring for your carpet. One method removes soil, while the other method gets down into the fibers and scrubs deeply. Below are some other differences you might want to be aware of when you’re making a decision on how to deep clean your carpets..

The Drying Difference

Both methods are designed to clean carpets deeply using water, and your carpets will take between 12 and 24 hours to become completely dry after using either method. Thinner carpets in a well-ventilated room will be quicker to dry than shaggier carpets.

Not Exactly the Truth

Steam cleaning doesn’t really use steam. It’s more of a dirt extraction method that uses hot water. Some people believe the shampooing process grinds dirt into the carpet, but a spinning brush actually lifts dirt and brings it to the surface, where it’s vacuumed up.

The Dynamics of Shampooing

Shampooing uses a machine with a spin brush. The machine is actually a floor buffer with a special attachment. The cleaner uses a small bit of shampoo to get the carpet clean with the scrubber. Vacuuming is recommended before and after the shampooing process. Because of its scrubbing action, shampooing is a great method for areas that are heavily soiled or greasy, such as in restaurants. Shampooing is the oldest way of cleaning carpets. Shampooing should be left to a professional, because if not done well, the residue left could actually attract dirt, which defeats the purpose of cleaning the carpet in the first place.

The Dynamics of Steam Cleaning

A pump and vacuum system is used for steam cleaning. The unit is usually on a truck or a portable unit. The cleaner uses a wand that’s part of a hose containing solution, a vacuum, and a hose for waste water. Once the solution is released it is sucked up by the vacuum. This method of carpet cleaning is great for wall-to-wall carpets. It’s quick and removes stains. It’s easier to operate as well, because the technician doesn’t have to manoeuvre a large machine through smaller areas. Steam cleaning doesn’t leave any residue on the carpet, so it won’t cause any discolouration.

A professional carpet cleaning service will be able to offer you advice as to which method would be best for your carpets.

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