4 Tips For Salt Stain Removal From Carpets And Floors

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Removing Salt Stains From Floors And Carpets

There is no getting around some of the potential hazards of winter weather. One of the most used substances to prevent roads from getting too slick and icy, and to prevent people from slipping and falling on icy sidewalks, is salt. It does the trick, but it also sticks to the soles of your boots and is often tracked into the house. The good news is that you don’t have to use harsh chemical to remove salt stains from your carpets and floors. Here are some handy tips you may want to try if you’re finding salt stains on your floors and carpeting are becoming bothersome.

  1. Remove any Wetness

    With salt usually comes water, which can be just as damaging if left on your floors or carpets. If you see any water drops or patches, be sure to mop them up before they seep into any wood surfaces and cause staining, or even worse, warping.

  2. The Dried Salt Demon

    If the salt has already dried on your floor, you will need to spray the spot with warm water. Water mixed with a touch of white vinegar will work even better. If the stain is particularly bad, you will need to let the vinegar water sit for a few moments before wiping it up. If your carpets are still suffering after this treatment, you might want to look into professional carpet cleaning.

  3. Use a Neutralizer

    Salt stains are alkaline, and need to be neutralized in order to fully dissolve, so they can be removed. There are many acidic formulas on the market which will work, but instead of purchasing a product, you can just add white vinegar to water at a ratio of about one ounce per gallon. Neutralizers sold in stores are designed for bad stains that have been there for a while, but if the stain is relatively new or not too bad, vinegar and water should do the trick.

  4. Wood is Especially Vulnerable

    Hardwood floors are porous and will soak up salt more readily than other surfaces. Any visible salt crystals should be vacuumed up. Put a vinegar-water solution into a spray bottle and dampen the area. Mop the floor with a microfiber cloth or other lint free cloth, and your hardwood should be shining again.

There are times when no matter what you do, the stain simply won’t lift from your carpets or floor altogether. That’s the time to call in a carpet and upholstery cleaning company for some heavy-duty help.

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