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DIY Carpet Cleaners

8 Carpet DIY Cleaners

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There are lots of commercial carpet cleaners available, but for various reasons (such as economic or environmental), some people... Read More

How To Remove Soot Stains On Your Carpet

How To Remove Soot Stains From Your Carpet

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Soot is a black powdery substance that consists of amorphous carbon. It is produced after a fire, and if you have a fireplace... Read More

Tips For A Cleaner Carpet

5 Easy Tips For Cleaner Carpets

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We all love the bright sunshine of spring, but what we probably don’t love is how it unintentionally yet distinctly highlights... Read More

Cleaning Carpet Secrets

Easy Carpet Deep Cleaning Secrets

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Despite your best efforts to keep your carpets clean, it is evitable that they will eventually succumb to various spills and... Read More