How often should you sanitize your office?

How Often Should You Sanitize Your Office?

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You have your office cleaned regularly, the trash taken out, the floors mopped and vacuumed daily, and surfaces wiped down with a... Read More

Office cleaning checklist: Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you need to maintain

Office Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks You Need to Maintain

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Keeping your workspace clear of garbage buildup, dust, and grime and making sure that your windows sparkle and gleam can seem... Read More

How to get your employees involved in office cleaning

How to Get Your Employees Involved in Office Cleaning

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Following the recent pandemic, there has been a significant emphasis on cleaning and handwashing. Office cleaning, often... Read More

6 signs your business needs janitorial cleaning services

6 Signs Your Business Needs Janitorial Cleaning Services

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When you started your dream company, it was a small space, easy to clean and stay on top of. Now that your business has taken... Read More

4 mental health benefits of a clean workspace

4 Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Workspace

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A person’s mental health has always been a priority outside of the workplace. In the last decade, however, more people have... Read More