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Professional Cleaning Services

4 Types Of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

July 24, 2017

Industrial cleaning is a lot different than a simple cleaning of your home or business. Industrial cleaners are called in when there needs to be absolutely no remaining germs or dirt whatsoever. They are typically employed by commercial enterprises to ensure that their offices, bathrooms, lobbies, etc., are able to be safely used by the public, but some homeowners employ industrial cleaning services as well. Below are some of the main industrial cleaning chemicals used by industrial cleaners.

4 Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Strong Alkali Cleaning Agents

These are incredibly harsh chemicals and they are capable of corroding organic material (including the skin) simply by coming into contact with it. They are most often used to dissolve grease and protein deposits, as well as destroy a wide range of bacteria and microbes. Things like sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens to make sure that germs are taken care of.

Medium Alkali Cleaning Agents

These are less harmful when compared to the above strong alkali cleaning agents, but they are certainly not harmless, and still quite caustic (not things that you want to come into contact with your skin or mucous membranes). Sodium carbonate is one of the more popular medium alkali cleaning agents that is typically used in a commercial as well as a residential setting by industrial cleaning services.

Mild Alkali Chemical Solution

They are generally the least caustic of the alkali cleaning solutions, but still not to be taken lightly. They are generally used to soften water and to remove water and mineral deposits. Examples of these chemicals include acetic and gluconic acids.

Strong Acids

You will also frequently find industrial cleaning services using strong acids such as hydrochloric acid, to clean things like toilets, bathtubs and sinks in commercial buildings. This is because there are very few bacteria and microbes that are capable of standing up to the power of an acid as strong as this.

The aim of an industrial cleaning service is to provide the most thorough clean possible, and to leave a room as free of microbes and grime as possible, especially when these rooms are heavily used by a lot of people, especially the public. If you ever wondered exactly what an industrial cleaning service uses to ensure this level of clean, the above chemicals are just a few in their arsenal.

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