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4 Cleaning Tips To Teach Your Kids

July 4, 2016

Children can be taught how to clean around the home in order develop responsible habits as they grow older. By guiding children in their cleaning tasks, you can ensure they clean to the highest standards and commit to keeping the home and their personal environments as clean as possible in the coming years. To help support this teaching process, this post will outline four cleaning tips to teach your kids.

Cleaning Tips For Your Kids

  1. Teach Kids to Put Away Dishes

    While kids shouldn’t be putting away heavy dishes or lifting pots and pans, they can be taught to take part in the after meal cleaning process by scraping their plates. Teach kids which types of waste go in which container in the home and guide them on how to rinse away the stains on their plate. Older children 10 and above can be taught how to put away their dishes and the correct placement of cutlery and other items around the home.

  2. Set a Timer

    Setting a timer works well when trying to motivate children to complete a task. When they have a final time in mind by which they have to complete a process, they will often get to that process more quickly. That’s why it’s so important to set a timer when asking children to clean. Give children a set time-frame in which they must clean their room or another area around the home. This can turn the process into a fun game with an objective!

  3. Reward Children for Cleaning Effectively

    Children must learn expected behaviours if they are to follow those behaviours in the future. You can teach your children that they’ve done a good job within the cleaning process and followed your rules by rewarding them. This will act as an incentive for them to clean in the same way in the future and may help them to proactively start cleaning without your supervision.

  4. Teach Kids How to De-Clutter Their Rooms

    For young kids just starting to have their own space in the home, making a mess with their own toys and games is a rite of passage. But try to teach children the importance of tidying after they’ve played with toys. Give each of their toys and games it’s own place in the home and make sure the child understands why that item needs to be placed back in its place after it has been used.

By engaging your child within the cleaning process, you can help ensure that cleaning time isn’t a challenging chore over the coming years. To learn more on cleaning tips to teach children, call our team today!

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