5 Considerations For Industrial Cleaning

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If you are looking to have an industrial cleaning performed at your warehouse, manufacturing plant, retail store, recreational facility, residential home or multi-tenant facility – it’s best to have this service completed by a cleaning professional.

By having a professional complete the job, they will provide important services that will help to keep your facility as clean as possible year-round. Most of the delicate work is done by hand, therefore you can expect quality results from professional cleaners.

By implementing high level cleaning services (industrial cleaning) at your facility, you are promoting a clean environment for workers and/or tenants. It will help to improve the air quality and working conditions by preventing the buildup of debris, dirt and dust.

There are a few things that you might want to think about when it comes to industrial cleaning:

  1. Which products or chemicals are being used? Speak with your cleaning company to find out if eco-friendly products are utilized, or if they’d be willing to use them if not.

  2. How often do I need to have the facility cleaned? Depending on your space – whether it’s a residential facility or a warehouse – you want to know that the people who live or work there are provided with clean facilities.

  3. How much will this cost? Most cleaning companies have a range of services that will fit all budgets, and no matter which service you opt for, it’s a worth-it investment! Not only does high level cleaning improve appearance of your space but you improve productivity – by removing possible safety hazards you are providing people with safe and clean facilities.

  4. Why do I need high level dusting? Our bodies naturally shed skin that accumulates as dust. It’s unpleasant enough to think about in your home, but what about in your office, where there are dozens of people coming in and out every week? That dust, in part, is made of the shed skin cells of each and every employee. It’s a necessary sanitation step to have this cleaned regularly!

  5. Which specific services do you think I will need? It depends on your facility, but you will need to speak with a cleaning specialist to figure out what cleaning features will best suit your building.

At Royal Building Cleaning, high level cleaning includes the following:

  • light fixtures
  • structural supports including roof trusses and support beams
  • fans
  • electrical conduit
  • production equipment, platforms, tubing, and enclosures
  • racking and shelving
  • High level walls and ledges
  • vent covers and diffuser grills
  • props, signage, and displays
  • exposed duct work
  • fire sprinklers, gas, and water lines

Contact us to speak with one of our cleaning experts to find the services that work for your organization! If you are looking for a residential cleaning, Janitorial Services & Office Cleaning or carpet cleaning & upholstery services – we offer these services, as well. Check out the pages on our website for more details!

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