5 Foods That Double As Cleaning Products

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5 Foods That Double As Cleaning Products

Not only are off the shelf cleaning products expensive, they are also harmful to the environment. When you flush caustic, toxic cleaning agents down the toilet, or rinse them down the sink, you are invariably sending some of these chemicals back out into the environment. Save yourself money and save the environment by utilizing the above five foods that double as cleaning agents.


While the taste of rhubarb certainly isn't for everyone, everyone can agree their leaves make great cleaning agents. By using rhubarb leaves on pots and pans, you can easily get rid of stubborn burn marks that seem like they are destined to be there forever. You can also boil some leaves in water and let it sit in the pot for a few minutes to make scrubbing easier.


Ketchup is tomato based and tomatoes are highly acidic. This makes it the perfect cleaning agent for copper or brass. Simply apply some ketchup to a moistened piece of paper towel and clean your copper and brass as you would with any other solution.

Banana Peels

Banana peels are a natural polishing agent and can be used to polish almost any metal, especially silverware. Dip the banana peel in water and then go to town on your dirty or stained cutlery.


The smell of coffee is something that is good enough to get many people out of bed in the morning. It's also good enough and strong enough to get rid of nasty fridge odours. If you find that your fridge is smelling like last week's salmon, place a bowl of dry coffee grounds in there to handle the stink and keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean.

Corn Starch

Corn starch is as multi-purpose out of the kitchen as it is in the kitchen. It is well known among cleaning experts that cornstarch is great for getting stains out of carpets. Simply cover a carpet stain with cornstarch, leave for thirty minutes, and then vacuum the starch and the stain right out.

By utilizing foods around your house for cleaning, not only do you eliminate the need for environmentally harmful chemicals, but you also eliminate your exposure to those chemicals as well. Do your part for the environment, and protect your hands, eyes, nose and skin by using harmless household foods to help you clean.

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