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5 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

April 4, 2016

A clean bathroom is the sign of a healthy home. That being said, keeping the bathroom clean is not the most enjoyable chore around the house (as far as enjoyable chores go). It goes without saying that bathrooms become exponentially dirtier the more people using them, and making sure that they are hygienic on a weekly basis certainly takes an effort.

Bathroom Cleanup Tips

There is some useful information out there, however, when it comes to making bathroom cleaning more efficient. Below are 5 tips to keep your bathroom clean!

Get a plastic bag. Bathrooms not only accumulate dirt and grime, but they are notorious for gathering garbage as well. Empty shampoo bottles, shaving cream canisters, even old toothbrushes that aren’t being used can be gathered on a weekly basis. Hang a plastic bag off the door handle and quickly cull anything that should be thrown out, immediately taking it to a garbage shoot or outside trash bin.

Bleach the toilet. Bleach is a surefire way to disinfect anything. Pour a cup of bleach in the toilet, grab the brush, scrub the sides and under the rim, close the lid and let the bleach do its thing for 5 minutes. You can move on to the next task while you are waiting for it to finish sitting. Flush the toilet, and voila, arguably the worst part of bathroom cleaning is out of the way.

Quick shine. Keep an empty spray bottle handy and fill it with equal parts vinegar and water. Spray down the faucet, mirrors, counter, sink and glass shower doors and then use either paper towel or a fibre cloth to wipe it away. This is also a more environmentally friendly way to clean, as vinegar is a natural product and doesn’t contain the harmful and toxic ingredients which you inevitably have to wash down your sink or throw into the garbage.

Get rid of grime fast. Keep that vinegar handy because it is also useful for wiping down the base and behind the toilet. Many people just focus on the inside of the bowl when they are cleaning the toilet and you can always tell that people do this by the stark contrast in cleanliness between the upper and lower parts of their toilet.

Don’t forget the corners. The corners of bathrooms seem supernaturally attract hair and dirt. Take a wet paper towel and quickly do the corners. Clean corners do wonders to improve the appearance of your bathroom and if you are in a bind for time, it can add some superficial charm to the place if you want people to notice.

All of the above steps are things that you can do in 10 minutes a couple times a week if need be. You don’t need to spend the day before mentally preparing yourself for the epic bathroom cleaning task ahead of you. If you economize your time properly and follow the above five steps, you can be in and out of the bathroom and on to the next item of the day in no time at all.

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