6 Areas Most Commonly Overlooked When Cleaning

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6 Spots We Miss When Cleaning

For most people, cleaning isn’t on the top of the list of enjoyable pastimes, so when we clean, there may be spots in our homes that we overlook, or don’t really clean on a regular basis. Some of these areas, however, are prime targets for grime and filth, and actually should be cleaned often. Here is a list of some of the places you might want to be more mindful of on cleaning days.

  1. The Washer

    If you open the lid of the washing machine and could pass out from the smell, you’ve got a problem. Your clothes are probably not being cleaned as well as they should be, and that smell could be transferred to your clothing. Most washers can be cleaned with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Run a cycle on hot and add the mixture.

  2. Curtains

    Make sure to dust or vacuum your curtains or window coverings on a regular basis. They are prime areas for dust and dirt to gather. After being vacuumed, they should be wiped down with a damp, lint-free cloth or sponge. You might consider hiring cleaning professionals for a bigger window treatment job.

  3. Door Frames

    Dust and dirt like to collect on the top of door frames. Get out the stepladder at least once a month, and give them a good once over with a duster or a damp cloth or sponge.

  4. The Coffee Maker

    If you’ve got a traditional coffee maker, simply rinsing out the pot won’t do. It should actually be cleaned every day with soap and warm water. Running a fifty-fifty mixture of water and vinegar through it about once a month, followed by a cycle of water only, will keep your coffee tasting great, and your coffee maker working smoothly.

  5. Beneath Appliances

    This is probably one of the most overlooked areas. If you haven’t cleaned underneath your fridge and stove for a while, you may be horrified to see what has collected there. Your fridge has coils in the back which should be regularly cleaned of dust. This might be a job for cleaning professionals.

  6. Garbage Cans

    Garbage cans and recycle bins can get really grimy and germ-ridden if not cleaned regularly. There could be food remnants hanging around that cause odors even after the trash and recycling is taken out. Bins should be scrubbed clean with soap and hot water. If you are able, do this outside. Spray the bins regularly with a disinfectant spray to keep smells and bacteria at bay.

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