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Professional Cleaning Services

6 of the Best Cleaning Hacks

December 9, 2014

While hiring professional help is always the preferred method, every once in a while cleaning can be used as a soothing therapy that you’d prefer to do yourself.

Best Cleaning Hacks

If you’re looking to get down to the nitty gritty on your own but don’t generally do your own cleaning, it’s likely that you’re going to have to buy yourself a few products to get your house spick and span. With the help of some inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning hacks, you can feel good about these convenient and clever cleaning tricks!

Those Mysterious Stains on your Pots and Pans

Washing them with soap and water gets them clean enough for use, but you’ll never be able to dangle them from wall hooks like Martha Stewart’s kitchen without some help.

Fill up aluminum pots and pans with water, add apple peels, and boil for thirty minutes. It helps get off the grime without having to use too much elbow grease!

Rethink Sweeping and Dusting

Do you ever feel like brooms, brushes, and dustpans just push dust and hair around? Consider using the power of static to attract dry particles by cleaning using a dryer sheet.

In addition, you’ll help your floors repel dirt in the future and leave your floors smelling great! Dryer sheets leave a very fine film of fabric softener on your floor, which will help repel future dust and dirt.

Do your Spray Bottles Run Out Too Quickly?

Citrus and baking soda are a powerful combination for scrubbing surfaces like sinks and countertops. Your bathroom sink is a likely target that needs this type of cleaning as toothpaste contains chemicals that tend to stick and bind, and after a while dry out.

Luckily lemons, limes, and baking soda are water soluble so you can easily rinse them off!

Save on Windex and other products by creating this homemade solution.

Remove Stubborn Leftover Adhesive Completely

Our recommendation uses coconut oil and baking soda as ingredients.

Other websites may recommend nail polish remover, which is effective, except it can also eat through varnishes, plastics, and other coatings!

We find this recipe much safer, and it smells better, too! The baking soda forms and abrasive that will help you scrub while the coconut oil loosens the residue.

Hydrogen Peroxide Whitens All Surfaces

You may have read that hydrogen peroxide can even be used as a teeth whitener, which isn’t surprising considering its properties. Hydrogen peroxide is usually a liquid, so we’ve paired it with flour so it can be used on vertical or slanted surfaces, too.

Combine it to make a super paste and apply evenly to the surface. Check on it periodically to see it the stain has been removed. Rinse over the area with water after you’re done.

Clean Your Microwave By Turning It On

Use the power of steam to sanitize your microwave. Heat a bowl of water or vinegar (if you can stand the smell) and wait for it to pass through the vent.

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