8 Top Spring Cleaning Tips for 2024

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8 top spring cleaning tips for 2024

Spring is in the air. The winter blues are slowly heading out the door, and new life and rejuvenation will begin soon as spring creeps in.

This is also the perfect time to clean up your workspace. With so much happening in the winter months and the subsequent holidays accompanying it, cleaning tends to get overlooked. 

Encouraging your team to take part and be responsible for cleaning their own areas can seem demanding in an already busy work environment. However, you can make it fun for everyone involved.

For example, declare a dress-down day, allow personal music to be played, or set it up as a competition. This gets people more involved and, perhaps, even looking forward to cleaning day. With that in mind, here are the other key factors to consider.

1. Assign a junk area

Each season, we see an accumulation of things that we may have had a use for at some point (or thought we may need later) when in reality, it’s just junk.

Go through your area and determine what is junk and what is useful. Separate these items and place the junk in a designated area so that it can all be disposed of together at the same time.

This can also double up as a recycling area. Items that are still in fairly good condition but no longer required can go to a recycle or reuse centre instead of the landfill. This way, you help the environment and your business space.

2. Archive old documents

Many industries require certain documents to be kept for a set number of years. This doesn’t mean they need to be kept in the large and imposing filing cabinet looming over your desk in the corner. 

There are specialized companies process the archiving and storage of such documents and may even assist in their destruction when authorized to do so.

The digital age may be reducing the need for these companies. However, unless your business has been following a digital process from the start, this is a great way to remove what you need to keep but don’t need at your workplace.

3. Review your organizational requirements

If you are office-based, there are typically many files, folders, and loose documents that need a place to be kept.

The storage and filing system you currently use might need an update or an upgrade. If your budget allows, invest in new wall file organizers to free up desk space or a new inbox system. 

Retail workers can also benefit from updated organization to help keep their areas clear of mess and allow for a better workspace.

4. Create a personal workspace

Your workspace, whether a cubical, open-plan office area, retail space, or home office, is your own. A little personalization helps to make this environment a happier place to be. Too many items, however, can take away valuable space.

Keep the smaller things that make you the happiest, as this helps on the tougher days without interfering with your work area.

5. Keep work and play separate

Many people bring a gym bag to the office because they intend to work out after they finish the day. Or, perhaps they’ll bring some light shopping that they did on their break but don’t want to keep in the car.

Having a small area, such as a collapsible basket or a designated drawer in your desk for personal things, helps keep the workspace and personal items safe but out of sight.

6. Do routine wipedowns

By routinely wiping your desk down at the end of the day, you can keep the dust at bay. This also helps to reduce the risk of illness by keeping the area clean.

Having disinfectant wipes and a soft cloth on hand, in a drawer, or on a nearby shelf allows you to take control of the daily cleaning with minimal effort.

7. Remove expired food items

Make sure to remove leftover food, old food containers, and drink receptacles. This helps to keep mould out of the workplace, and reduces the risk of contamination with other people’s food. This also keeps bad smells out of the workplace.

8. Refresh your digital workspace

Your physical workspace is important, and should be clutter-free and cleaned daily. However, your digital workspace needs the same attention. 

Spring is also a great time to refresh your work computer. Realign the view of your desktop icons, remove old and unused items, and free up disk space. Even a new digital wallpaper will help you get rid of the winter blues and usher in spring.

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