Cleaning Products That Are Total Must-Haves For Your Home

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Must-Have Cleaning Products

Nowadays, cleaning isn’t just about sweeping or getting down on your knees to scrub the floor. In fact, a majority of the available cleaning products on today’s market will do the job easier and better than simply using elbow grease, a rag, and some detergent.

Let’s take a look at the many great options you have for everyday use in homes:

The non-traditional ‘vacuum’

Automated sweeping and vacuuming is quickly becoming popular with brands like Roomba taking the stage. These clever machines can navigate stairs and corners unsupervised, so all you have to do is program your preference and let your new toy sweep away. Now, instead of vacuuming when things get too dirty, you can have clean floors every day of the week.

Swiffer - it really works

Now that you have a self-vacuuming robot, why would you need a Swiffer broom? Unfortunately, dust accumulates on surfaces at all levels, including tops of bookshelves and other hard to reach places.

Swiffer is so effective at cleaning dust, and the broom is incredibly versatile, allowing you to get to areas in weird angles. It’s also light and easy to handle, so consider getting one for your home.

Treating odours in your home

Anything that can absorb liquid can easily be used to absorb smells, so coffee grounds, dry tea leaves, baking soda, and dryer sheets are ideal as they also release pleasant smells. Stick these items in your smelly shoes, closets, and other musty parts of the house to make breathing in easier.

Tip: Baking soda doesn’t naturally emit a strong smell so if you’re happy to just remove bad odours, stick to a box of it!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

It doesn’t take much to mar a beautifully clean room or appliance -- one small scuff or scratch is all it takes! Children, clumsy movements, or unavoidable stains can easy leave a permanent mark, and it’s not always obvious how best to treat the stain.

The magic eraser is not like any product you can buy at the store, and it works better than any homemade solution passed on by your grandmother. The eraser is a small, mostly stiff bar that removes scuffs and stains on surfaces when applied with light pressure.

Most of the products listed above are affordable and use non-conventional solutions for making house cleaning fun and easy. Keep an eye out for more improvements in the future!

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