Company Allergic To Pets? 4 Ways You Can Efficiently Clean Before They Come

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How To Clean Your House For Company With Pet Allergies

We love our pets, but for people with pet hair and dander allergies, four-legged friends can mean a lot of discomfort. It's often one of the major bones of contention in households where one person is allergic and everyone else is not. It's especially worrisome if you have guests coming over who have allergies to pets, even more so if they are from out of town and are staying with you. If this is the case, below are four ways that you can efficiently clean before they come over, helping to make their stay as comfortable and allergy-free as possible.

  1. Moisturize and Maintain

    The maintenance part means tackling walls, corners, draperies and windowsills. The moisturizing component means running a humidifier. An overly dry environment in the home can promote static electricity, which helps pet hair cling to surfaces and walls. By making the air more moist, you not only make breathing easier and skin more moist, but you help prevent pet hair from clinging to walls and surfaces.

  2. Loosen Up

    After you have thoroughly cleaned the carpets, it's time to go over them with a wet jet or sponge. Keep a sponge or wet jet on hand just for this purpose. They are great at grabbing any pet hair and dander that you may have missed with the vacuum. If you have multiple animals which shed a lot, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. It will loosen hair follicles and particles to make the job easier.

  3. Clean off the Upholstery

    Use the same damp sponge technique mentioned above to wipe down the upholstery, it will ball pet hair up and make getting rid of it easy. Anything made from rubber, including rubber gloves, is also great at getting rid of pet hair because rubber attracts static, which will in turn attract the pet hair. Additionally, you can rub a fabric softener sheet over upholstery to pick up pet hair.

  4. Get Rid of Clutter

    One of the biggest culprits for hidden pet hair is household disorder. If you have books, magazines, unused throw pillows, children's toys, etc., lying around, all of these things are going to be attracting pet hair and making it impossible to really tackle the problem. Before you start your major cleaning, get rid of the clutter first.

Pet hair is annoying even if you aren't allergic. There is nothing more unsightly than white fur all over a nice black t-shirt or sofa. If you have guests on their way who are allergic to pet hair, implement the above cleaning techniques and make their stay in your home as comfortable as possible.

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