How To Clean Your Entire House In An Hour

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Cleaning Your Entire Home In An Hour

While the actual cleaning of your home might not be enjoyable, having a clean home is hard to beat. Stepping back to appreciate a perfectly clean kitchen and bathroom is quite satisfying, and makes it worth the effort you put in. That being said, some people are easily discouraged from actually picking up the mop or the broom, simply because of how long they know it is going to take them to see the results. Below are some tips that can save you time and help you clean your entire home in an hour.

Separate Your Home into Zones

The reason that professional cleaning companies are able to tackle so many homes in a day is partly due to the fact that they do it as a team, but also because they do it methodically. This means separating each area of your home into a zone (bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) and dedicating a set amount of time to each area.

The Bathroom

If you spritz the sink, toilet and shower with cleaning agent and let it sit while you tackle the floors, walls, counter tops and mirrors, you can maximize the efficiency with which you hit the bathroom and make sure that you are not wasting any time waiting. Waiting is the biggest time waster when cleaning your home and you really don't have to wait at all.


When you look at a room and think that it's “dirty” it might all just be an optical illusion. Dirt is not the same as clutter; if there are magazines, pillows or other household items lying around a room, you need to tell yourself that you aren't really cleaning those room, you are simply organizing them. Organizing takes no time at all.

Dust from End to End

Many people dust erratically and it eats up a lot of time. You start on one area, glance over at another all the way across the room, think it could use some attention and end up dusting a room in a spotty fashion. This adds so much extra time to what is really necessary, it is no wonder people end up losing their minds dusting. Dust in a methodical fashion, from one end of the room to the other. Keep reminding yourself of this while you are doing it so that you don't lose focus. Focus is key when cleaning in under an hour.

The key to cleaning your home in an hour is focus and logic. The above methods maximize both. Keep the above focused and logical cleaning tips in mind the next time you give your home a thorough clean, and you will find that, with some practice, you can work out a system that will have the entire house clean in no time at all.

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