How To Remove Pet Urine Stains From Hardwood Flooring

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Removing Pet Stains From Hardwood

You’ve spent all that money on a beautiful hardwood floor only for your beloved pet to leave urine stains all over the area. This can be a challenging issue for any homeowner. If you speak to contractors, they may recommend that you replace the entire floor to achieve a new appeal to the home. But fortunately there’s a far more cost-effective option for removing pet urine stains from hardwood. In this article, we’ll go through the cleaning process.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

First, you’ll need to pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain directly. The peroxide should be covered with a hydrogen peroxide-soaked rag as well to keep the pressure on the space and ensure the solution maintains contact with the stain. Cover the hydrogen peroxide-soaked rag with plastic wrap and then let it sit over the stain overnight. In the morning, you’ll find that the stains will be gone and you’re able to move forward in the home maintenance process.

For Smaller Stains Use Light Amounts

Remember, when dealing with smaller stains in a corner or perhaps a door entrance area, try to use only light amounts of hydrogen peroxide. You’ll likely notice the product working quickly to remove the stain and so you should check cleaning results every 10 minutes to ensure the stain is removed safely. Then, clean up all leftover hydrogen peroxide to keep the environment within your home safe and healthy.

Treat the Smell

The smell of pet urine on the hardwood can be one of the most challenging aspects of the cleaning process. Oftentimes, the hydrogen peroxide itself will only remove the stain and not the smell. And this means you’ll have to use additional products to improve the smell in your home. Using a combination of a householder cleaner with a nice smell and a cleaner designed specifically for pet stains such as Urine Gone can be the best way to improve the odour within the home space and eliminate all signs of the pet stain from the property.

Remember to Test Products First

Whichever cleaning product you use, remember to test it on a small space in a less-used area of the home first. This will help highlight possible reactions between the surface and the cleaner and will prevent you from damaging your home during the cleaning process.

To discover more on how to effectively remove pet stains from hardwood flooring, call our expert cleaning team directly!

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