How To Stop Condensation On Windows

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How To Stop Condensation On Windows

Condensation is a natural reaction when warm air makes contact with a cold surface. It can feel like a nuisance when you want to look out your window at your favourite view, but it happens to be a humid/rainy summer night, a chilly winter day, or a combination of both during the Canadian spring season.

If it looks as though your windows have suddenly fogged up, that’s the result of the warm air reacting with the cold air outside, or vice versa depending on the season. Even more concerning is condensation’s ability to damage your windows, your window frames and your floors. Chronic moisture rots away at wood and creates mildew, mould and decay. This can result in a huge repair bill over time! Rather than let condensation ruin your windows, opt for one of these window cleaning methods instead:

1. Buy A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an affordable and straightforward solution to excess moisture in your building. Run it near your windows to catch droplets of water as they form. Make sure to empty the tank regularly. Many air conditioners also have a dehumidifier option.

2. Improve Air Circulation

Condensation has a much better chance of building up if the air in your building is stagnant. Ceiling fans are very useful in circulating the air through your space. Make sure your fans are rotating in a clockwise direction so that moisture is pulled from the ceiling and is pushed down to the floor. Opening a window and allowing humid air out and fresh air in can also help the situation.

3. Raise The Temperature

The warmer your windows are, the less likely a condensation reaction will occur. Condensation happens when warm air hits a cold surface. If your windows are warm, no condensation will form.

4. Opt For Double-Paned Windows

If you live in an area where you experience cool temperatures sometimes, it’s wise to invest in double-paned windows. Double panes are much more effective than single panes at preserving the temperature inside. Windows are one of the prime spots for heat to escape and drafts to enter your building, so double-paned windows will help cut down on your climate control bills. Little if any condensation will form on the interior of a double paned window, even on the coldest of days.

5. Clean Your Windows

Professional window cleaning can eliminate any immediate condensation and help you find out if your windows are in need of repairs. Professional window cleaners have a keen eye for areas of degradation. By spotting these areas sooner, you can replace your windows before more serious damage occurs.

Professional window cleaners will also remove any residue on your windows. Water, cleaning solution, insects and fingerprints can obscure windows, exacerbating the look of condensation. You’ll see clearer with freshly cleaned windows.

6. Use A Water Repellent Product

You may have heard of water repellents for your car windshield, but these products can also be applied to your windows. Applying a water repellent will pull any water droplets of condensation together, creating a stream that runs off your window. This doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of water damaging your window frame and floors, but at least it makes for easier cleanup.

7. Weather Stripping

Just like double paned windows, weather stripping is another technique to improve the energy efficiency of your building. The warmer you keep your house and the inside of your windows, the less likely it is that condensation will occur.

Condensation may seem like a minor nuisance the first time it happens, but after repeated incidents, it will damage your window frames, your floors and any surrounding areas. Once water damage occurs, it is very costly and time-consuming to fix.

By applying some of the methods mentioned above, you can keep your windows free and clear of condensation. You’ll be able to see out your windows with no difficulty even when you keep your home the perfect temperature all year.

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