Prepare For Winter With These Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning Tips To Get Ready For Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and there are some fall chores homeowners should consider doing before the first snow falls. Fall is the perfect time to give your home a deep cleaning, so that you’re all nice and cozy during the cold months. Here are some tips you might consider using to prepare both the inside and outside of your home for the impending cold winter months.


  • Clean and put away any outdoor furniture and kids’ toys.

  • Remove flaking paint on things like trim, door frames, and deck areas, and repaint or restain before the cold sets in.

  • Check caulking around window and door frames, and replace if needed.

  • Have a good look at doors and windows to make sure they’re air tight. You may need to use weather-stripping on areas with larger leaks or with a poor fit.

  • Wash the outside of all windows with proper cleaning products.

  • Drain excess water from hoses and store them away. Cover up spigots. Clear any sprinkler systems of excess water as well.

  • Make sure downspouts and gutters are debris free.


  • Make sure all the public rooms are cleaned first: Living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, powder room, hallways, etc.

  • Vacuum or dust all the window treatments and clean window wells and sills. Baseboards and corners should also be vacuumed.

  • Clean the insides of windows.

  • Turn mattresses in each bedroom.

  • Vacuum mattresses and wash bedding, including mattress pads, comforters, and pillows.

  • This is the time to call in professional carpet and upholstery cleaners. They have the right cleaning products to do the job.

  • Clean and reorganize kitchen cupboards and drawers.

  • Pull out the fridge and stove to clean behind and underneath them. At the same time, wipe down the back and sides of the appliances.

  • Clean light fixtures.

  • If you have a central vacuum system, clean out its collection area.

  • Clean and replace humidifier elements before you start using it in the cold weather.

  • Have a look at your washer and dryer. Make sure all hoses are in good working order. Replace any that are worn or cracked.

  • Schedule a furnace inspection and purchase a supply of filters.

  • Drain your hot water heater to flush out any sediment.

Taking advantage of the brisk fall weather for doing these chores may save you from potential problems when those cold winter winds start blowing. It is always better to be a homeowner who is precautionary, rather than one who is reactionary.

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