Pro Tips for Keeping Your Condo Common Areas Spotless

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Pro Tips for Keeping Your Condo Common Areas Spotless

It’s tough to keep the common areas in your condo clean. They are high-traffic areas, and your tenants are likely tracking in all kinds of things, depending on the season. And if your condo building allows pets, you also have dogs coming in and out as well, likely leaving behind fur and mud too!

This doesn’t mean you should just give up on keeping your condo common areas clean. With the right commercial cleaning support, you can keep your condo’s common areas fresh and clean, no matter the weather outside.

At RBC Clean, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch commercial cleaning. Here are our best tips for keeping your common areas spotless:

  1. Put a mat at the main entrance.
  2. Keep a cleaning schedule.
  3. Clean the walls.
  4. Know when it’s time to call in the professionals.

1. Put a mat at the main entrance

Having mats at all entrances will significantly cut down on the amount of dirt, snow, slush, and mud tracked into your building. If you provide mats, most people will make an effort to wipe off their feet before coming into the lobby of your condo building.

Your best bet for a condo entrance mat is something that contains high-end nylon. The mats should have a soil retardant that helps protect against spots and stains. You should always have a backup mat in case you have to send one carpet out for commercial cleaning.

Darker colours work best for floor mats, as they are less likely to show spots or stains. You can add your building’s name or logo to the mats to make them look more upscale.

2. Keep a cleaning schedule

Your in-house staff can likely handle day to day cleaning — a light vacuuming and spot-cleaning as necessary. For deep cleaning of your condo’s common areas, you should hire a corporate cleaning company. Corporate cleaning can help deep clean in various common areas, including lobbies, elevators, seating areas, and laundry rooms.

How often you need to arrange deep cleaning of an area depends on how much traffic an area sees. If the area is very high traffic, arrange to have it cleaned every few months. If an area is low in traffic, you may be able to have it deep cleaned less often.

3. Clean your walls

Another area you need to make sure stays clean are the walls of the common areas. Your tenants and their guests can mark up the walls with anything from fingerprints to dirt to food stains. A stained wall doesn’t look attractive — especially if you’re trying to attract new tenants. It’ll be one of the first things they notice when they walk into your building and may discourage them from wanting to live there.

When cleaning your walls, be careful about what products you use so that you don’t accidentally damage the paint or wallpaper. Using a general-purpose cleaner mixed with warm water should help you get rid of a lot of stains. For tougher stains like grease, you may need to use a specialty cleaner. Make sure that it’s “paint-friendly” before you try it on your walls.

Your in-house staff can certainly take care of routine cleaning, but you should get commercial cleaning for your common area walls at least every few years. Not only will an excellent commercial clean make the walls look fresh and new. They’ll also help your paint or wallpaper last longer.

4. Call in the professionals

Your superintendent can undoubtedly handle the daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance tasks that your condo’s common areas require. Our company can complete any cleaning services daily or nightly, tailored to suit your cleaning needs. In addition if you need a good, deep cleaning of your walls, floors, or carpets, that’s when it’s time to call in the commercial cleaning experts in the Greater Toronto Area.

There are several benefits to getting your condo’s common areas cleaned by commercial cleaners:

  • They can handle big jobs quickly and easily.
  • Having a commercial cleaner shows your tenants you are willing to spend extra to keep their common areas clean and looking good.
  • Your common areas will always look their best.
  • You are also improving the health of your tenants by having ground-in dirt and allergens removed from carpets.

Keeping Your Condo’s Common Area Clean

With winter coming, now’s the time to make sure that you have a plan in place for dealing with all the snow and slush that will be tracked into your common areas. You can help prevent your common areas from getting too dirty by having a cleaning schedule in place, as well as placing heavy-duty mats near your main entrances.

To get more professional tips for keeping your condo’s common area clean, call RBC Clean at 289-301-2095 or contact us here. We are located in Aurora and service all of Southern Ontario and the GTA.

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