RBC Cleaning: 10 Tips For Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

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Cleaning Car Interior

Finally! Spring is here! It’s time to do the spring cleaning of not only your home, but your garage and car too. Cleaning your car out can be a dreaded task as you have accumulated a collection of junk over the winter, but these 10 easy steps make it a chore you can have done in an hour!

  • Garbage Day! Before you can get to the cleaning aspect, it’s time to throw out all of the trash that has been making your car disgusting! Grab the pop bottles, old receipts, gum wrappers, and anything else you may find and throw it out! (Or recycle!)
  • Put it away! Next, removal all non-car related objects and place them on your driveway. Assess what has no business being in your vehicle (hint high heels from last month’s conference, gym clothes that need a wash, and anything not integral to the driving process! Anything you want to put back in (CDs, Travel mug, etc.) wait until after the thorough cleanse has been completed.
  • Clean out the nooks and crannies! Empty seat pockets, glove box, centre console, and under the seats of any junk and garbage.
  • Slide the seats, remove the mats! Slide your seats forward to check for lost items and remove the winter mats (if you have them) to place in storage once you have washed/vacuumed them. Replace them with the summer mats, after the car has been detailed.
  • Vacuum! With an empty vehicle, use your vacuum hose (or visit a local gas station with plenty of loonies and toonies!) and start from top to bottom allowing the dirt that settles on the ground from above to be picked up last. Be gentle and use correct attachments when brushing upholstery and ceiling fibers. Use crevice attachments to get in between the hard to reach places. Don’t forget the air vents!
  • Treat your seats! For leather seats, use appropriate cleaners and conditioners to help cleanse and maintain the life of the leather/vinyl from rips and cracks.
  • Wash your windows and mirrors! Use a glass cleaner to best clean surfaces from grimy build-up.
  • Wipe it down! For all plastic and metal surfaces, try automotive specific cleaning products. It will help it look and smell better and longer!
  • Replace the air freshener! Choose a scent that you love and makes your car an enjoyable environment for you!
  • Put the mats in and any additional equipment that you wish to store in your now clean car!
  • Lastly, take the change you found under the seat and go treat yourself to a coffee! Great job

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