RBC Cleaning: How To Keep A Positive And Clean Workspace

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Working at a desk can sometimes feel like a life sentence! You’re stuck in a small space repeating the same tasks over and again without an end in sight—but your work station doesn’t have to be like the walls of a prison cell and, with a little effort and imagination, can function as your ‘happy place’ instead! Here are a few quick tips to help create positive and organized work environment!

  • The Room: whether you’ve got a home office, corner office, or cubicle in the office dungeon there are many things you can do to make the space an ambiance that suits your style. For rooms where you have free reign, select a colour scheme that is inviting and inspiring! Blues and greens promote tranquility, whereas orange and yellow are said to induce energy and positive morale. What colour suits the mood you are going for? Check out these decorating tips! If you don’t get to choose your walls, choose your accents and artifacts by…
  • Personalization: Make any space one where you want to spend time by adding personal touches. Adding picture frames of family and friends, a few books highlighting your accomplishments such a texts or interests such as magazines, and some art to make your space your own. If the space is somewhere that makes you feel happy and home, you tend to become more productive!
  • The Furniture: The level of comfort your space offers can take you from irritated to invigorated! Choose ergonomic pieces that help save your spine, wrists, and legs, along with accent pieces to make your space designer! If you’ve got the space and resources, why not include a sofa to have another space to think with a change of pace? Or invest in a luxurious chair for behind your desk since you spend most of your day there any ways!
  • Keep it clean: Before starting any day or task, be sure to evaluate your workspace and see what needs to be tidied. A clutter-free and cleaned space offers less distraction, better production, and better overall mental focus! Throw things away that you don’t need! A daily cleanse will help keep you in good spirits and task-oriented!
  • Go green: Along with your décor, bring in colourful, oxygen rich plants to help infuse your atmosphere with beauty and the ability to help detox! Plants have been shown to have a soothing effect as well as looking great on an otherwise dead desk!

What is your favourite way to spice up a dull office space?

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