The 12 Most Overlooked Areas in Your House That Need Cleaning

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Which are the most overlooked areas in your house that need cleaning?

Whether it’s spring cleaning or a momentous occasion, performing a significant home cleaning can freshen things up and keep your home looking its best. If your life keeps you especially busy, it can be hard to keep up the maintenance for cleaning your home. Cleaning for hours on end can be draining and makes it more likely that you’ll miss some areas to clean.

It’s easy for your home to get dirty again, even after you’ve just cleaned, as there are common areas that often get neglected where dirt and debris can hide. Here are some of the most overlooked areas in your house that need cleaning.

The Baseboards

When cleaning, many people prioritize cleaning the floors but can neglect the baseboards. In your home, the baseboards will cover the area where the floor and wall join; this area collects an excessive amount of dirt and debris. If you have white baseboards, then it is much more apparent just how much dust gathers there. By merely cleaning the baseboards, it can amplify the look of a room.

The Air Vents

Most homes have various air vents throughout due to heating and cooling systems. Since you should be regularly replacing your filters, you may be neglecting to clean the vents before you swap out filters. This is a mistake because dust can collect between the grates and can be moved around as the air circulates. Just by wiping the air vents, you can see improvements in your home’s air quality.

The Blinds

Even though window blinds can be challenging to clean, they make a remarkable difference in how clean your home looks. This is because they are a significant part of your home and collect lots of dust and dirt. The blinds are an essential area to clean, so be sure not to miss them and wipe each slat one by one, from top to bottom.

The Kitchen Sink

When cleaning the kitchen, most people focus on the dishes and often forget to clean the sink itself. A kitchen sink is a breeding ground for bacteria and food particles and needs to be properly cleaned. That way, you will reduce the number of germs around your home.

The Shower Tile Grout

The grout between shower tiles is one of the most overlooked areas in the home. In fact, tile grout is supposed to be white, but for many people, this isn’t the case. Cleaning your shower’s tiles is an essential step in cleaning, but so is polishing the grout.

This area contains mildew and mould that can buildup, so it must be cleaned. As it can be a tricky area to take care of yourself, why not hire a professional cleaning service?

Behind the Toilet

While cleaning a toilet is a necessary task when taking care of your bathroom, you need to ensure that you are wiping behind the toilet. This area contains a lot of dust and debris that collects over time.

Behind the Refrigerator

Many people clean the inside of their fridge during their cleanup but often miss behind it. Cleaning behind the fridge is a necessary part of the process because food particles are known to collect there.

Doorknobs and Handles

Doorknobs and handles are smaller objects in the home that get missed, even though they get touched every day. Since they are used so often, germs can spread from dust accumulation. Be sure not to overlook doorknobs and handles, and disinfect them with anti-bacterial solutions, as well as polish them.

Interior Doors

Similar to doorknobs and handles, interior doors also attract dirt, debris, dust, and scuffs. If you neglect cleaning this area, then your home will look more worn as time goes on — be sure to wipe them down at a minimum of once a month. Also, check the insets or areas where dust can potentially collect and be sure to clean them. As for scuffs, freshen them up with paint to give them a newer look.

The Television Remote

When you clean, you may be focusing on major areas of the home and forget areas that aren’t considered to be part of the house. Objects, like a television remote, often do not get wiped off, even though it is used frequently and accumulates germs and bacteria.


Like a television remote, keyboards for your computer also accumulate dust and debris, especially in between the keys. However, keyboards are simple to clean, just use a Q-tip with a gentle cleaning solution and wipe around.

Toys for Pets or Children

Toys around the home will inevitably be covered in bacteria and can be quite messy. It is essential to take the extra time to disinfect these toys, especially to reduce the chances of spreading germs or illnesses.

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