The Importance of High-Level Cleaning

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The importance of high-level cleaning

Look up whenever you enter a space with high ceilings or fixtures and you might think that dust bunnies have started growing wings! How else could all that dust get up there?

It’s a simple question, and the answer is simple too. Most business owners forget or neglect to clean areas they can’t see. Dust, dirt, and grime constantly circulate through the air and settle on surfaces of all heights as a result. Over time, that dust can affect your productivity, health, and business.

Trying to do some high-level dusting or cleaning yourself can be dangerous, and most regular cleaning companies are not equipped to do it for you. Luckily, at RBC Clean, we are anything but a “regular cleaning company.” Read on to learn more about high-level industrial cleaning and why it’s so crucial.

What is high-level cleaning?

High-level cleaning is exactly what it sounds like—cleaning up those hard-to-reach areas. While figuring out what the job entails is pretty easy, getting the work done is much more challenging.

Light fixtures, high walls, and any area above eye level are routinely passed over because they are difficult to access and clean. Recreation centres, schools, and warehouses, for example, are all places that could need regular high-level industrial cleaning.

Retail and office buildings can benefit patrons by scheduling this service to reduce airborne allergens.

At RBC Clean, our staff is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and knowledge to clean your facility from top to bottom.

Thousands of injuries from falls are reported each year when employees venture up ladders or scaffolding to clean high surfaces themselves. Save yourself some time and money by hiring professionals.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t just dust high surfaces; we dust, vacuum, and scrub them. Why? Dust cloths or ordinary dusters can only hold so much dust. After a while, they just push dust and grime around, so you’ll see that same dust again in a few days when it settles. Don’t waste your time or money on subpar cleaning.

RBC Clean products clean and disinfect to keep the air free of dust and bacteria after cleaning high surfaces. We recommend that you schedule high-level cleaning outside of office hours or when the facility is empty as a safety measure.


Many workplaces are diligent when keeping areas at eye level spick and span, but fall short on the places they can’t see. And just because these surfaces don’t get cleaned regularly doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be.

Workplace health and safety teams perform thorough checks to ensure cleanliness from top to bottom.

Dust and dirt accumulation on high surfaces is a commonly failed point during health inspections. Complying with their checkpoints is very important because they work to ensure the safety of all employees.

Loaded fire sprinklers (covered with dust or grime) can cost you points on a fire inspection and put everyone at risk during an emergency.

However, it’s not just businesses that have to worry about compliance. Wouldn’t you be concerned if you learned you lived in a condo or apartment that didn’t regularly schedule high-level cleaning? How would you feel about exercising in a gym with dusty rafters or ceiling fans?

Hopefully, you’d want any area you have to spend time in to be clean—even if you don’t live or work there. We offer high-level cleaning to the facilities listed below (and more) to ensure full compliance:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Recreational facilities
  • Residential homes and multi-tenant facilities


Nobody likes to work in a dirty environment. A messy and disorganized work space makes it hard for you to produce high-quality work.

The Workplace Wellness Study found that, of the employees they interviewed, 67% reported being more productive in offices that promoted healthy, clean environments.

With dust being a common allergen, workplaces can reduce absenteeism from sick workers with high-level cleaning. Imagine trying to do your work while fighting the sniffles, itchy eyes, or a persistent cough; it’s definitely not fun and certainly not productive.

A buildup of dust and grime can also increase maintenance costs for machinery and sometimes even stop it from working altogether. The quality of products you produce can also decrease even if it’s only a cosmetic issue.

Health Concerns

As gross as it sounds, household dust consists of shed hair and skin cells, bacteria, dead insects, pet fur, and dust mites. Household dust is generally harmless, save for those of us with allergies. However, dust at work can be dangerous and nasty.

For example, dust from construction can contain dirt, wood shavings, and even tiny plastic or metal pieces. You definitely don’t want to inhale any of that dust while working.

Even office workers have to be careful in dusty environments; asbestos dust is a very well-known carcinogen.

Our nostrils are excellent filters for large dust particles, but smaller particles can settle in the lungs over time.

Without high-level cleaning, dust particles are constantly kicked up and circulated through the air until they settle in our lungs, our workspaces, or both.

In fact, certain types of dust found in workplaces can cause life-threatening or adverse issues. Thus, taking care to schedule high-level cleaning whenever needed can help keep the following dust-related illnesses at bay:

  • Lung cancer
  • Silicosis
  • Asthma
  • Dust allergies
  • Asbestosis
  • Occupational lung diseases

Heads Up

Without an eye in the sky, it can be hard to notice when dust buildup has become excessive on high surfaces. The dust is often thick enough to write their name in it when most people notice!

Making sure these areas aren’t missed can be easy. The next time you’re cleaning, take a moment to see how dusty the following areas are:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Fans
  • Fire sprinklers and alarms
  • Props, signage, and displays
  • Air ducts and vents
  • High ledges

Once you’ve identified the problem areas, schedule high-level cleaning with RBC Clean at least twice per year to keep your space clean.

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