The Importance of Spring Window Cleaning

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The Importance of Spring Window Cleaning

It’s now the time of the year in which you begin to look outside and notice the sunshine and hear the sound of birds outside the home. Spring is in the air and taking a few moments to consider spring cleaning can help you to decide on your home maintenance needs for the coming months. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of spring window cleaning and its value throughout the property.

Improving Home Health

When you’re inside the home throughout the winter, and your windows are closed, there’s little way for the dirty air and home contaminants to escape. You might find that window areas become traps for dirt and dust and this can increase the number of allergens throughout the home. The elderly and young children are particularly susceptible to airborne allergens and cleaning the window areas can be a great step forward in protecting your loved ones.

More Insects and Birds

As the temperatures warm, animals begin to emerge from their hibernation and travel around the local area. Birds are especially noticeable during this time of the year when they look for food for their young hatchlings and begin to travel to find an area to escape the summer heat. This means that bird droppings and insects can begin to impact your home windows during the spring season. It’s important that you take the time to contact a local cleaner and schedule regular cleaning work to mitigate the impact that wildlife has on your home window space.

Salt Deposits on Your Home

Throughout the winter season, snow, and ice coated with street salt are whipped up by the wind and land on your exterior window areas. You might find that the bottom half of the windows and the corners experience salt damage over time. This salt damage can become more pronounced if you don’t take on window cleaning work in the earlier spring weeks. Make sure you remove the salt and other winter elements from the window during this early period of the warmer months and you’ll have the ideal foundation for clean windows.

Get the Best View

With the spring season finally here, you’ll want to capitalize on the view outside of your home. Animals are beginning to emerge from their hibernation areas and spring flowers are entering full bloom. You won’t be able to see any of these changes outside the home if you don’t have your home windows professionally cleaned. Take the time to speak with your local window cleaning firm and ensure they are booked on a regular cleaning schedule, to help you make the most of your home space.

Tips for Choosing Window Cleaners

Now that you have a little more information about the reasons to begin your spring window cleaning work, let’s review the process for choosing professional cleaners. Take the time to review the below tips for selecting the cleaners to work within your home:

Focus on Experience

When selecting cleaners for your home space, make sure they have significant experience as home cleaners and that they can commit to a regular cleaning schedule. Often homeowners make the mistake of choosing a person they know or someone they want to help out with extra money. But this can be a mistake as window cleaning requires a certain level of experience. For example, the cleaner should have experience cleaning exterior windows and using specific cleaning products. Otherwise, they may damage the windows permanently.

Ask About Service Options

Beyond the company’s window cleaning services, do they offer additional cleaning services such as interior cleaning or garden maintenance? You might not want to search for another cleaning company after spending time searching for window cleaners. And so you might try to find a window cleaning firm that can attend to all home needs with precision. Discuss additional cleaning needs with the company, and find out about their full range of capabilities.

Review the Scheduling Options

When choosing a window cleaning company, ensure the company you select is able to provide you with scheduling options. The home windows should be cleaned at least once a week during the warmer months to protect your home and the window area. If the company is unable to meet this cleaning requirement, you may have to choose another specialist. Review their full range of scheduling and service options before making that final decision.

Ask About Pricing

Before finally agreeing to a deal with the company, find out more about the total cost of their service. Does the cost fit within your budget? Are they flexible in terms of the total cost of the service or is there only one rate? Make sure that you analyze their pricing models and determine whether the service makes sense for your home. You should devise your budget before speaking with the cleaning company, and then make your decision based on the room within your budget with cleaning included.

Review Their Warranties

Are the window cleaning company able to provide you with a warranty for their cleaning work or is it a standalone service? You should get a warranty for each cleaning service completed on your home. This will provide you with a means of recourse in case you’re not totally satisfied with the work the company has completed on the property. Ask about the warranty before you sign the service contract, and ensure you can see the warranty and read it in detail before making your final decision.

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