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Professional Cleaning Services

These 5 Printable Charts Will Help You Clean Like A Pro

March 21, 2017

Keeping all of the things in your home clean is no small task. You need to have a plan if you are going to get all of that done efficiently and still have time to do the other things that you have on your plate. If you have been searching for some help perfecting your cleaning ability, search no further. Below are five printable charts that will help you clean like a true cleaning professional.

Printable Charts To Help You Clean Like A Pro

Laundry Stain Removal Guide

This chart breaks down laundry stain removal into types of stains, including ink, mud, grass, wine, grease, protein, rust, sweat and sauces. Keep it handy in the laundry room for quick reference when stains strike and know how to deal with a stain the right way in no time at all. You can post it above the washing machine so that everyone in the house can use it.

Bathroom Chart

The bathroom chart is a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to do and use to clean the bathroom quickly. It shows you what tools you will need to tackle the job, and proceeds to break down the whole process into easy to follow guidelines that will let you logically and efficiently get the bathroom clean when time is of the essence.

Carpet Guide

This guide, similar to the laundry stain guide, breaks things down into different types of carpet stains and what ingredients you will need to tackle each type of stain. It also lists all of the common household ingredients that you will need in order to fight carpet stains like a carpet cleaning professional. Having these things on hand at all times will let you keep your carpets as clean as the day you got them.

An All-In-One Chart

The all in one chart combines all of the above information into one easy to reference place. A good idea is to place this chart where you keep all of your cleaning supplies, laminated and tacked to the wall so that you can quickly read it over, decide what you need and how you should go about cleaning.

Cleaning professionals are so good at what they do because they have a rhythm and a strategy. Get your rhythm and strategy honed to perfection by keeping charts of your cleaning procedures handy. After a few uses you will start committing everything to memory and wonder why it took you so long to incorporate a chart system into keeping your home clean.

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