Tips For Cleaning Victorian Hardwood Floors

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How To Clean Victorian Hardwood

Victorian hardwood floors bring an earthy and warm feeling to your home that other types of flooring simply can’t. They are generally very durable, last for decades and add a sense of antiquity to a room that other types of hardwood flooring are unable to. That being said, there are some special care instructions that Victorian hardwood floors have that others don't and you will need to follow them if you are to get the longest life possible out of your floors. Below are some tips for cleaning Victorian Hardwood Floors.

Clean gently. Use a dust mop or a vacuum with the toothbrush attachment to remove dust, pet hair and dirt. Do not use the roller bar attachment on your vacuum to clean Victorian hardwood because it could cause serious damage to the wood. This should be done no more than once a week to ensure that you are not over-exposing the floor to potential damage.

How to deep clean. Simple dust mopping is not going to remove the grime and dirt that builds up over time, especially if you have a number of people and pets in your household. For that deep clean, you are going to need to apply a liquid cleaner. Commercial wood cleaning products that are especially designed with Victorian hardwood in mind are what you should use.

Use doormats. A good way to prevent over-cleaning your Victorian hardwood floors is to place doormats inside and outside exterior doors to minimize the amount of dirt that enters your home. The less you have to clean Victorian hardwood, the longer it will last. This is especially important for deep cleaning because you want to avoid applying any chemicals to Victorian hardwood whenever you can.

Boiling water method. Another, less caustic method for cleaning Victorian hardwood involves using boiling water and tea bags. The tannic acid from the tea is great at lifting off stuck on dirt and grime and you can feel good about using an all-natural product that is not full of harmful chemicals. Just make sure that the tea you are using isn't going to permanently stain your floor or anything around it.

Microfibre mop. The best and most delicate thing you can use on your Victorian hardwood is a microfibre mop. These will not scratch and they pick up virtually all the dust they come across.

Your Victorian hardwood floors are one of the most charming aspects of your entire home. They add a sense of depth and of character that other hardwood floors simply can't. Looking after them is key, and incorporating some of the tips for their special care into your cleaning routine will help ensure that you get years of life and enjoyment out of them.

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