Tips For Cleaning Your Microwave

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How To Effectively Clean Your Microwave

The microwave is not only easy to use, but also extremely convenient, especially for those short of time. It takes minutes to heat food from frozen to hot, but it can be a bother to clean if you let the food splatters accumulate and harden to the point where they’re almost impossible to remove.

Here are some useful tips to help keep your microwave clean and hygienic for food preparation:

Microwave soaked paper towels

The trick to getting rid of bits of food that have been sitting in the microwave for a while is to soften them with steam. Considering that microwaves work by heating the moisture within food, it is every easy to build up steam. For instance, you can place a some wet paper towels in it and run it on high power for around five minutes. The water will evaporate and the steam will loosen the caked-on grime. When the towels have cooled down, you can still use them to wipe the inside.

Water and vinegar

Alternatively, you can microwave a solution of white vinegar and water until the interior of the microwave becomes steamy. While the steam helps to soften and loosen splatter, the vinegar helps to cut through grease. Besides vinegar, you can use lemon juice or some other mildly acidic substance to do the same.

Afterwards, you can use a clean cloth to wipe down the interior, paying close attention to the door, since this is where most of the grease builds up. You can remove the rotating dish and clean it separately, taking care to rinse off all the soap. While it’s off, clean the spot where the dish sits as it can also get dirty.

Only water cleaning

One area that is easy to clean but is often forgotten is the microwave rubber seal around the door. It is recommended that you use only water since to reduce the risk for damaging the rubber.

Minimise dirt

Although it is not hard to keep the microwave clean, it is best to reduce the need for cleaning to a minimum. One way to reduce food splatters is by covering the food as it cooks. However, allow some room for the steam to escape for safety purposes; just as you should pierce vegetables before cooking or avoid microwaving sealed containers. Allowing the steam to expand increases internal pressure; this could cause an explosion that ranges from a messy annoyance to a life-threatening accident.

So, use special covers with small vents around the edges or cling film with a few holes pierced into it to cover food. Never use aluminium foil as metals should not be put in the microwave.

The easiest way to clean your microwave is to simply not let the grime build up in the first place! Every time you use your microwave, give it a quick rub down before closing the door. That way you’ll never be facing a mess you can’t easily overcome!

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