Tips for Getting Your Employees to Keep the Office Clean

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Tips For Getting Your Employees To Keep The Office Clean

The standard office is often buzzing with employees who not only use the space to work -- but also to eat, socialize and host boardroom parties. That’s why it’s no surprise that offices can get dirty very quickly, especially if you have more than 10 employees.

But how do you encourage your workers to keep the space clean, given they do not have the same attachment to the office as their personal home?

Foster a feeling of ownership

One of the best ways to show employees that they should care is by being a boss that takes pride in the office. Let the team know that the office is more than just a “rented” facility. Foster a feeling of ownership by personalizing it with spaces that your workers can all enjoy. A well-stocked kitchen, lounge area and boardrooms that foster creativity can bring a feeling of home to any working environment.

Lead by example

Instead of posting signs everywhere reminding employees to clean up after themselves, help them along by leading the way. A good boss knows how to lead by example. If you want workers to wipe down the kitchen counter after spilling crumbs everywhere, you should do the same. Want your employees to wash their coffee mugs instead of letting them pile up in the sink? Show them by washing yours.

Establish a cleaning schedule

Divide your employees into teams that are responsible for keeping certain areas of the office tidy. For example, one group can be in charge of ensuring all boardrooms are spotless -- while another group keeps an eye on the employee lounge. You can also foster a feeling of friendly competition by giving out prizes to the “Cleanest Team of the Year” at the annual holiday party.

Offer incentives for clean spaces

Hand out small rewards to employees who are caught in the act. The act of cleaning that is! Always keep free movie passes or coffee gift cards on hand and dole them out for good behaviour. Although this tactic may seem childish, it’s a fun way to get employees involved in good cleaning habits.

Show recognition

Always recognize good behaviour with kind words and a smile. Many bosses forget that grand gestures aren’t necessary when it comes to employee recognition. Often times, a simple nod and a few “thank yous” are more than enough. All employees want to impress their bosses. And they’ll be more encouraged to keep the office clean when they see that managers and supervisors are noticing their efforts.

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