Tips To Completely Remove Pet Hair From Your Home

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Cleaning Tips To Remove Pet Hair

Pets. They provide companionship, unconditional love, and major popularity on social media.

But there is a downside: hair. And lots of it.

It gets on our clothes, in our carpets, and all over our furniture. This can be a minor inconvenience of unsightlyness or major problem of allergies. In winter, we tend to spend much more time in our homes and the low humidity and static electric build up during these months makes pet hair removal a priority.

Attempting to remove pet hair from your home can make you feel like Sisyphus eternally pushing a boulder uphill, but don’t despair: We have outlined a few handy tips for you that should keep your home free of all that unwanted pet hair everywhere.


  • Hardwood, parquet, laminate, and tiled floors are the easiest to clean. Dry mops and brooms are the best tools for these jobs; vacuums too often just blow the pet hair around. Sometimes, hair can get caught in between floorboards or in the grout between tiles, so it’s best to use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop.

  • One technique for removing hair from carpets is to rub a pumice stone along the carpet. The stone will scrape up and gather the pet hair. After that, simply run a vacuum over it, making sure to go over every patch in multiple directions.


  • If, after playing with the dog or napping with the cat, you find your clothes covered in pet hair, you can toss them in the dryer with a dryer sheet or dryer ball for ten minutes. This should clump most of the hair into the lint trap.

  • Always keep a lint roller by the door to use before going out.


  • For wooden furniture, use a soft cloth with furniture polish or anti-static spray.

  • For upholstery and fabric, slightly dampen a sponge or some rubber gloves and run them along the furniture. When they are covered in hair, rinse them off and start again.

The Pets

  • It is important to regularly brush your pets to reduce the amount of shedding they do. Many pets love being brushed and the ones that don’t can easily be coaxed with a few favourite treats.

The goal isn’t just to remove the sight of pet hair; you want to remove it even from deep within your carpet as to ensure the dander found on it are eliminated, too. For more information on how to get your home as clean as possible, contact the RBC team!

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