Tools to make Cleaning Easier

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Make Cleaning Easier

Nothing signifies the end of winter quite like looking around and realizing how much it needs a good spring cleaning! After months of trekking in slush and salt from outside, it’s time to give your apartment a bit of a makeover. Here are a few easy tricks to clear the air and have you breathing easier in one easy afternoon!

Vacuum Hidden Spaces

Use the little handle on your vacuum to get to often-ignored spaces like your ceiling fan blades or the bottom of your couches. These spaces are usually overlooked and can be the home for thick collections of dirt and dust, leading to many allergen stimulants in the home.

Clean out your dryer vent to reduce drying time, lower energy usage, and prevent fire hazards. While you’re at it, pull out the fridge and vacuum the condenser coils. This will help your fridge to operate at full capacity and save you money on your electricity bills!

Clean Your Windows

Nothing makes a home shine brighter than cleaning the windows, both inside and out. This can be a time-consuming project but it doesn’t have to cost you much.

Make yourself a simple solution of water, vinegar, and dish soap (bonus points if it’s eco-friendly – good for your house and for the environment!), and scrub the outside down before hosing it all off. Wipe clean with microfiber cloths to avoid getting streaks.

Clean windows can improve light flow by up to 20%, giving your home a welcomed boost of natural light.

Dust Horizontal Surfaces

Almost anywhere in your house that has a horizontal surface is the perfect place for dust to accumulate.

Dust particles are made from tiny fragments of just about anything: soil, food crumbs, dry skin, hair, bacteria, and other similar particles. Not exactly the most appealing of concoctions!

Throw on some tunes and spend an hour tracking down these surfaces to clear them of their buildup. Guaranteed you’ll breathe easier and sleep better at night knowing you’ve ridden your house of unnecessary bacterial growth.

Replace Your Candles

Finally, an easy way to give your house or apartment a quick clean-up is to replace all your candle nubs with new, fresh scents. Throw out anything holiday scented – anytime after January is too late in the year to be burning candy cane or gingerbread-scented anything. Invest in some almond, vanilla, or even neutral organic soaps to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen.

The switch is cheap and painless, and you will notice a difference right away. Plus, it always feels good to refresh products away and make space for a change in seasons!

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