4 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Commercial Site Before New Year

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4 easy ways to freshen up your commercial site before new year

The New Year is fast approaching and soon will be the season of holiday parties and celebrations. It is also a great time to freshen up the workspace and welcome the New Year into a fresh “New” commercial site. 

It doesn’t mean redecorating, painting, laying new floors, or anything else extreme unless you want to. A few simple steps will help you freshen up the business without breaking the bank, and getting the staff involved can be fun.

Before You Begin

Before starting any work task, project, or client event, you always plan things out, list what you need, how to do it, and prepare before you start. 

Getting ready for your New Year's Refreshing is no different. Ensuring you have all the necessary supplies before starting saves time and panic later on.  Take a moment to see what you have and what you need. Once you have all your supplies, then you can make a plan to begin. 

While this is just a general list, it is a great place to start, and you can tailor it to your specific company. 

  • Recycling Containers
  • Garbage bins for each common area and desk space
  • Confidential shredding devices or external contracts in place
  • Stationery supplies, banker boxes, labels, markers, folders, etc. 
  • Cleaning supplies, wipes or disinfectant sprays, cloths, garbage bags

Once you have all the supplies you need, the fun begins. First, plan out where to start. Common or shared areas, like waiting rooms, lunch rooms, and washrooms, should be prioritized, followed by personal workspaces and smaller offices, such as the printer room or storage cupboards. 

You are on the way to a successful refresh. 

1. Declutter the Clutter

Over time, we collect things that look good, we may need them later, or there may be a large pile of broken equipment we have been putting off getting rid of.  Now is the time. By removing these items to the eco-station or in the dumpster out the back, the office space will begin to take “breath” again and start to feel more open and less claustrophobic, something we didn't realize it felt until the clutter was gone. 

Get rid of the larger items first, as this will significantly impact everyone's mental health and the space's visual. Task employees with clearing the desk space or work area, shredding documents no longer needed, and filing or archiving what to keep but not keep in their immediate space. 

2. Let It Shine

If you still need to get someone who comes and regularly cleans the windows, now is a great time. Removing the dirt and grime build-up, both inside and out, will let in the natural light and give everyone a serotonin boost.

Natural light helps fight seasonal affective disorder and boosts everyone's general mental wellness. Should there be any defects or issues with the windows, which could be identified when cleaned, you can repair them before the New Year. This way, they can start strong and reliable. 

To clients and customers on the street, this will also boost your curb appeal and aesthetic, alluring people to come in and see what you are all about. Christmas and New Year's can see a dip in business as people have other things on their minds, but there is no reason you can't boost it with clean and sparkly windows. 

3. Feng Shui Isn’t A Dead Art

Sometimes, a room or space doesn’t just need a good clean. While that pine scent and shiny floors can make you feel good about the place's appearance, it can still feel stale. 

Get the people who work closest to this area to come and take a look and provide insight. Maybe the sofa could go against a different wall or rearrange the chairs. Is there a display case or wall that could use a change of scene or just a change of display items? 

Moving furniture around gives a new look and perspective for both the staff and clients. While you don’t need to be a Zen Master to create the perfect setting, changing it can make the place feel new and inviting. 

It’s also a perfect time to clear out the old reading materials, replace broken furniture, and clean under the sofa, as it may not have been done since it was purchased. 

Even things like adding plants, fake or real, can change the atmosphere and ambiance of the room. You’re not looking to create a botanical garden or jungle setting, but the occasional plant can freshen things up and make a space more inviting.

4. New Year and A New Ambiance

As Auld Lang Syne rings out across the night sky, and the cheering and clinking of glasses ring out, your commercial space is ready to face the New Year with its new style and presence. 

The old clutter has gone, the furniture has moved around, and everywhere has been cleaned and disinfected. The fresh scent of cleanness and change lingers in the hallways. 

Your pride in your commercial space shows, and to aid you with this, RBC Clean is the company to partner with for all commercial cleaning services in Aurora , as they also take pride in your business. 

This New Year, let the professionals help you clean those hard-to-reach common areas and more when staff have gone for the day. With the training, supplies, and materials needed to provide an outstanding cleaning, why would you go anywhere else?

Serving Ontario for many years, RBC Clean has the expertise that is undeniable and sought after. 

Call 1-855-493-9259 and speak to one of our friendly customer care team members today, or contact us here for a free quote, and we can help you ring in the New Year fresh and re-energized.

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