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Professional Cleaning Services

All About Floor Waxing Techniques

December 11, 2017

Floor Waxing

When it comes to getting the perfect waxed floor, practice makes perfect. If you want people to notice how your floors sparkle and shine, you’ll need a little elbow grease and some pointers on proper waxing techniques. Practicing proper floor stripping and waxing techniques with these hints will keep your floors looking gorgeous.

Cleaning Is the First Order of Business

Wax won’t adhere to a dirty floor, so giving it a good cleaning is paramount. Sweep or vacuum the entire area, including corners. Then, give the floor a good wash with a clean, damp mop, and wait until it is completely dry before starting the first waxing.

Application Process

Using any wax on any surface won’t do. Wax cans will be marked for proper usage. For instance, if you’re waxing wood, the label on the wax should read for use on wood surfaces. Apply a bit of wax on a clean sponge and start at the centre of the room. There are special wax applicators you can buy. The middle of the room is the focal point, so it’s important to start there. Apply a thin layer with a large circular motion and move outward. If you’re applying wax to wood, go with the grain. Keep it up until you’ve waxed up against all walls.

A Stellar Finish

After you’ve applied the first layer, wait a while for the wax to harden. Read the label on the wax. It will likely give you an estimate of how long it will take for the wax to dry. This could take more than an hour. When it doesn’t feel sticky, you’ll be ready to apply the next layer. Don’t be alarmed if you see some bubbles while the wax is hardening. This isn’t unusual. Go through the same process for the second layer and so on until you get the finish you’re looking for.

Reassess Every so Often

If certain areas of the floor experience high traffic, the finish could get dull on those areas. You might not have to reapply wax to all areas. Complete floor stripping and waxing is hard work, so you might just want to clean the duller area and reapply to that one spot. It may just need one quick coat to restore the gleam.

Clean Equipment

You can use pads, sponges and brushes repeatedly if you clean them properly after use. It helps to keep costs down.

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