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Professional Cleaning Services

4 Ways Cleaning Benefits Your Health

September 25, 2017

Research has shown a definite correlation between a clean home and a clean bill of health. Apparently, people whose homes are clean experience less stress and fatigue generally. General angst can be reduced by getting rid of clutter, and decreased angst means decreased risk of illness. Following are four other ways that keeping a clean home can increase your overall health.

Benefits Of Cleaning On Your Health

  1. Less Allergy Symptoms

    When carpets and furniture are never vacuumed or dusted, your home can become rife with dust mites and pet dander, not to mention mold, which can cause untold allergic reactions. And not cleaning places that could be damp, like basements, can make asthma symptoms worse, too. The more things you have in your house, the harder it is to clean, so getting rid of clutter should be a top priority, including clutter in closets.

  2. You and Your Family Will Be Safer

    Part of keeping a clean home is keeping an organized home. Fires and falls are the main causes of injuries and deaths at home. Stuff that isn’t put away or messes that aren’t cleaned up can lead to people tripping and possibly injuring themselves. These types of falls have been known to lead to broken bones, head injuries and sprains, any of which could mean months of pain and healing. Remove all items that block doorways and hallways.

  3. Less Stuff Equals Less Germs Equals Less Sickness

    Germs and bacteria can be found anywhere in your home where cleanliness isn’t a priority. The kitchen is a huge culprit in this area. When cleaning your kitchen, be sure to disinfect all those crevices and cracks where food can splatter and spill. Countertops should be wiped down with diluted bleach water—this is a must after preparing meats and other raw food, which contains bacteria which could make you and your family sick. Next to the kitchen, pay attention to the bathroom. Disinfect the toilet regularly, including the handle.

  4. Pest Free Spaces

    No one wants to share his or her space with bugs or rodents. Pests love dirty, messy homes. Clutter is their best friend. They love food debris, spills and unclean pet dishes. They can spread germs and disease to humans and pets. For instance, cockroaches are known to trigger asthma attacks, and can spread bacteria that causes gastroenteritis. Mice can spread Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Salmonella and Hantavirus.

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