7 Ways Janitorial Services Help Businesses Save Money

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7 ways janitorial services help businesses save money

The cleanliness of any business is usually the first thing new clients and customers see. It’s also often the one thing employees hate to do, as it takes time away from their actual job.

So, let’s say that you hire a cleaning company. Your office is now sparkling clean and the talk of the town. Then, you look at your budget and spending and see that you have actually saved money. There is an excess in the profit margin and money left over for employee budgets. Where did this come from?

Cleaning companies specializing in janitorial services are the silent heroes working to save you time and money in the long run. How do they do it, though?

1. Create a great first impression

People tend to appreciate working in a clean environment. Clients and customers are more likely to provide returning business in clean environments.  

With the ability to schedule cleaning when you need it and when it won’t interfere with meetings or peak busy times for customers, you don’t have to worry about that thin layer of dust that seems to accumulate throughout the week. 

Spotless desks, shiny floors, and empty trash cans give an impressive first impression. Remember, you can’t make a first impression twice in business, so it needs to be right the first time.

2. Work more, clean less

Janitorial services allow your staff to perform their job without stepping away from their role and cleaning. 

Being allowed to focus more on why you hired them in the first place helps to ensure the company runs smoothly while generating sales and keeping clients and customers happy. 

This helps boost employee morale because workers can focus on their roles and not worry about the dirt on the carpet or the coffee stains on the conference table.

While an employee is welcome to take out the trash if it’s overflowing and there is still some time before the cleaners arrive, not having to worry about additional duties means that staff can be more productive.

3. Clean when you need it

When setting up janitorial services in Vaughan, you have the opportunity to talk to your representative about the times and days that you want the cleaning to be done.

For example, smaller businesses that do not see a lot of foot traffic could be cleaned three times a week in the evening. On the other hand, larger offices might need someone on staff during all business hours, and even after closing, to ensure the floors get properly cleaned.

You can request additional cleaning if a big important meeting occurs, or a customer appreciation event where appearances are even more crucial. At the same time, you can also pause cleaning or reduce hours as needed.

4. More eyes mean fewer problems

When you have a specialized team dedicated to working in a certain area, you have an extra set of eyes to watch over your business and property. Cleaners and janitorial services get to know your business space and can alert you to problems before they become bigger and more expensive. 

For instance, while cleaning baseboards or cobwebs in high, typically out-of-reach places, they can check for water leaks or cracks in the walls. These are things that your staff may not be looking for, but the clients might notice. 

Maybe there is an issue with an exit or entrance that only someone focused on that area would notice. Or, perhaps a colony of rodents have moved in where the dumpsters are located. 

When spotted in time, pests are easy enough to take care of. However, if the colony has exploded with critters, you can end up with a burdensome financial commitment. A dedicated cleaning team can spot such signs before they get out of hand and save you the bigger bucks in repairs.

5. Reduce your liability

To get a good clean, you need the right products. However, this can be problematic depending on your business and what needs to be cleaned. Industrial cleaning involves harmful chemicals, and so, special training and handling are required. 

A cleaning service already has such expertise. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about training your staff on how to properly and safely use the chemicals. Should an incident happen, it’s covered under the cleaner’s liability, not yours. This helps to keep your premiums down.

6. A longer equipment lifespan

Professional cleaners understand the importance of ensuring your equipment lasts as long as possible to give you the most for your money. 

With the proper cleaning, the general lifespan of certain types of equipment can be extended, meaning that it’s a longer time from purchase to replacement. When you are dealing with large factory machines, this makes good business sense.

7. The power of buying in bulk

Cleaning products are not cheap. If you need to purchase a lot of cleaning items because you have a large business, this can eat away at your budget much faster.

When it comes to getting what you need, your cleaning service will have this taken care of. With the power to purchase items in bulk, sometimes at reduced costs, the savings are then passed on to you. 

For example, why purchase 1000 toilet rolls for $50.00 per case when your cleaning company could get several thousand for the same price?

Saving You Money and Still Getting a Great Clean

Janitorial services are more than just about taking out the trash and wiping down desks. They help increase your customer satisfaction and retention, saving you money on purchases and training you don’t need and freeing up your staff to do their actual jobs.

Therefore, if you do require a professional, friendly, and expert cleaning team, reach out to RBC Clean at 1-855-493-9259 or contact us here for a free online quote today.

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