8 Back-To-Work Cleaning Hacks

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Back-to-work cleaning hacks

As people slowly return to the regular hustle and bustle of in-person working, business owners and employees will need to start thinking more seriously about preventative measures for COVID-19. Considering how many diligent workers spend more time in their office than they do at home, and how often they are exposed to different germs and bacteria, effective and professional office cleaning is essential to keeping businesses up and running throughout the pandemic.

Accordingly, at RBC Clean, we’re thinking it’s time for more businesses to invest in janitorial services that are beneficial not only to the health and well-being of clients and workers, but also to the company’s image and quality.

Going back to work doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking when you are educated on keeping yourself and others around you protected. Continue reading to benefit from our 8 simple yet rewarding back-to-work cleaning hacks that will help keep your facility both shining and safe.

Why prioritize cleaning in your facility?

In the middle of a pandemic or not, keeping your office and place of business clean should be one of your highest priorities. The overall quality of your business is determined not only by the notable services you provide, but also the appearance of the facility where services are offered.

When you prioritize regular disinfection and sanitation in a workplace, everyone who enters it benefits. At this time especially, having everyone pitch in to cleaning the facility is key to minimizing spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses in the workplace.

What’s more, facilities that are attractive, clean, and organized are more likely to attract prospecting customers. You can leave a lasting impression on clients when they are greeted with a facility that is well-managed and taken care of. As follows, high sanitation standards in the workplace could boost company ratings immensely.

RBC Clean’s Top Cleaning Hacks

1. Train and educate your employees

Before you can be certain that employees are ready to go back to work during the pandemic, you may want to ensure that they are properly trained in enhanced health and safety procedures. Mandating that each employee becomes certified in a health and safety course or shows proof of having completed equivalent training allows businesses to be more comfortable in re-opening in-person services.

Some methods of training, therefore, may include offering free accredited certification, as well as regular staff meetings to educate and discuss changes to the facility-cleaning system.

2. Establish new cleaning protocols

Taking staff members aside to establish new and emerging cleaning protocols within the workplace is essential to keeping employees aware and knowledgeable on the priorities your company has in place. Place your new protocols somewhere where staff members are sure to see them or send out forms or emails detailing the new procedures they will be expected to follow this time.

3. Create an office-cleaning checklist

With a cleaning checklist, your office can work together as a team to ensure high levels of sanitation while relieving some of the pressure, as opposed to every staff member cleaning each area equally.

Perhaps certain staff members should have specific duties to help keep the facility clean and safe for all. For example, one person should be responsible for wiping down countertops, while another can clean out the break room fridge once a week. At the same time, all staff members should be responsible for keeping their own desk area and workspace clean and sanitary.

4. Follow a green-clean policy

While maintaining a safe environment during COVID-19 should be your main focus, the environment should also be considered when buying cleaning supplies for your office. Many cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can contribute to pollution or even irritate skin when touched. To minimize your office’s carbon footprint as well as protect employee health and safety, ensure that all cleaning supplies are both eco-friendly and gentle to humans.

5. Invest in innovative cleaning equipment

In order to keep your facility exceptionally clean, you will need to keep up with the latest cleaning innovations and stock up on essential items that will help you in maintaining high sanitation standards in the workplace. This may include electric equipment, quality tools, and government-approved cleaning products. Ensure that all hand sanitizers are effective and pleasant to use.

6. Designate eating areas

In each workplace, owners and staff members should designate areas specifically for eating where staff can remove their masks and eat while maintaining a 6-foot distance from others at all times. This is also an effective way to preserve a clean work environment, as staff can be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the area in which they ate.

7. Create a weekly cleaning time

A great, worthwhile way to ensure that cleaning is done effectively and on time is to establish a set schedule for all staff members to tidy up their individual office and desk space. Not only does this provide an opportunity for employees to become more organized and efficient, but it also encourages staff to take office cleaning more seriously. For example, consider setting out a time once a week for employees to refresh their work spaces.

8. Hire quality janitorial services

Above all, one of the best decisions you could make for your company during this season of going back to work is hiring janitorial services that will take care of all the hassle of cleaning and provide some relief for staff members. Getting cleaning done professionally benefits your business in multiple ways, from less company stress to better work environments. Luckily, RBC Clean offers exceptional janitorial and office-cleaning services that will leave your facility with a professional, sparkling clean that you can count on.

Get Started With RBC Clean Today

Investing in RBC Clean’s janitorial services is a great first step to bringing staff members back to work in a safe and relaxed way. For those businesses looking to return back to work in a fresh and exciting way, contacting our team of dedicated professionals to help transform your office will do more than just clean.

We offer services tailored toward businesses and commercial facilities that will leave your building glistening from top to bottom. A clean, stress-free workplace with happy clients and employees starts with RBC Clean.

For all your office cleaning and pandemic preparation needs in Toronto and the GTA, contact RBC Clean by telephone at 1-866-278-8208 or 289-800-7694.

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