How to Get Your Employees Involved in Office Cleaning

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How to get your employees involved in office cleaning

Following the recent pandemic, there has been a significant emphasis on cleaning and handwashing. Office cleaning, often overlooked, should remain a top priority.

The pandemic underscored the importance of maintaining cleanliness in the workplace, and while things may be settling down, it doesn't mean that office cleaning should be diminished.

But how do you motivate people who have had cleaning and sanitizing as the focus for three years? With the media reinforcing cleaning standards during this time, the last thing your employees need from management is more of the same.

In this blog, we'll explore what you can do to engage your employees in maintaining a clean office environment.

Keep In Contact

Regular communication with your employees informs them about changing procedures, the onset of cold and flu season, and more. It allows you to establish clear expectations and remind staff how they can contribute.

This communication is essential, especially during seasonal changes that can lead to illness outbreaks. Moreover, it can serve as a reminder for other concerns, such as avoiding strong-smelling foods that could cause allergic reactions or clearing out old food before vacation to prevent unpleasant surprises for colleagues.

When employees are informed about company developments, they are more likely to adhere to cleaning standards and collaborate with coworkers in tasks like cleaning.

Additionally, introducing office cleaning services to your company is another great way to allow people to do their part without worrying about cleaning the entire office.

Create Great Habits

Studies have shown that it can take 66 days to form habits. Encourage this behaviour at the workplace by making cleaning supplies readily accessible. Setting up cleaning stations with disinfectant wipes, microfiber cloths, and cleaning spray can help.

Staff can keep a pack of wipes at their desk for convenience, or retrieve what they need when necessary.

Establishing the habit of wiping down desks, phones, and door handles at the end of the day can contribute to a cleaner workplace and reduce the spread of illness. Promoting these good habits enhances staff and customer satisfaction and creates a more positive work environment.

Team Inspiration

Never underestimate the power of inspiration. Employees are more likely to participate in regular cleaning if they have a designated communal space to enjoy away from their work area.

Besides providing a mental health break from their desks, communal areas can inspire cleanliness and pride.

Consider placing comical signs in these areas to encourage cleaning in a lighthearted manner. Humorous signage can relieve tension and make cleaning feel less forced.

A Little Competition Goes A Long Way

Encourage friendly competition within the workplace, just as you do at home. Offer weekly/monthly prizes for teams with the cleanest areas.

Rewards can range from humorous gifts to more substantial incentives if the budget permits. Making cleaning fun transforms it from a chore into an enjoyable activity, increasing participation.

Health And Safety

There is a significant health and safety benefit to ensuring the office is clean, a fact driven home by the recent pandemic. By preventing the spread of diseases like cold and flu, COVID-19, stomach bugs, and more, your employees will spend less time out of the office and more time being productive.

Healthier workplaces are naturally happier and more productive. Your client and staff satisfaction increases dramatically, and your bottom line.

Lead By Example

All the incentives in the world are great, but there is nothing more inspiring to staff than seeing your manager lead by example. It’s human instinct to follow the leader, and with you promoting regular cleaning, staff naturally begin to follow suit.

It doesn’t mean you need to don a maid outfit or have people see you vacuuming the hallways and dusting the ceiling fans. Simple tasks like wiping down your desk at day's end or emptying the trash before it overflows can set the tone and encourage cleanliness among the team.

Office Cleaning Services: Trust RBC Clean as Your Cleaning Partners

Regardless of the office's size, it deserves thorough cleaning and expert care. While employees can contribute through small tasks throughout the day, working with a cleaning service that takes pride in maintaining high standards can make a significant difference.

RBC Clean offers janitorial and office cleaning services to support your office's cleaning requirements. While staff can handle routine cleaning tasks, RBC Clean can provide a deeper clean at the end of the day, complementing your team's efforts.

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