Office Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

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Office holiday party cleaning checklist: Everything you need to know

The holiday season is just around the corner. No matter which holiday you’re celebrating, the clean-up process can be more challenging than the setting up. 

Break your checklist into two parts, the pre and post-party, and see how much faster things go and allow you to enjoy more food and festivities.

Before People Arrive

Some people may go home early to get changed and freshen up for the event, while some may get ready in the office and help set up. Those who stay to help can power through a shortlist and make light work of what needs to be done. 

Should the decorations still need to be put up, then now is the time to get decorating. Some companies may have decorations up a few days to a week before to help set the mood and tone. It is also inviting for customers or clients who come to your business. 

If the budget allows, go to a dollar store or discount party store and get disposable tablecloths, paper plates, paper, cutlery, napkins, and cups. Choosing to be disposable means that the clean-up just got faster. 

Depending on how many people, partners, and plus-ones you are expecting, investing in additional mats to go in the entrance and walkways will help to keep the floors cleaner while protecting your guests from slips and falls on wet floors. 

The last pre-party setup for success items should be strategically placing garbage bags and extra bins around the room. The ends of tables, food serving areas, near the bar, or by the exits will encourage people to clean as they party the night away while making your clean-up job the next day more straightforward. 

Post-Party Cleaning Crew

The day after a large company party is usually sluggish, consisting of Tylenol, coffee, and toast. While you wait for this magic combination to take effect, you can make a start on the clean-up without too much thought or effort. 

Start Large

The easiest place to start is by removing all the larger items. Disposable tablecloths come into their own at this point. Make sure there is nothing of value on the table that was accidentally left or something that should not go into the garbage, and simply bundle everything up in the tablecloth.

It will also make it easier to get everything into the garbage without dropping anything and making more of a mess. 

Once you remove all the large items, it’s easier to see what to do next. 

Take Down The Decorations

Once the party is over, it's time to take down the decorations. It is essential if you need to decorate for the next event. 

Doing this after the party helps to create a sense of separation, allowing your staff and customers to appreciate each holiday and festival to the fullest without having them all blend into one. 

Spot Clean Spills And Stains

Take a moment to look over areas where there may have been many people with food or drinks. Here, you can typically find gaccidental spills that can stain carpets or rugs

Use an excellent spot-cleaning product to lift the stains from the floor coverings before they set in too deep and refuse to leave. 

Excellent and reputable office cleaning services will have the ability to make the stains disappear, but giving them a helping hand as soon as you notice will go a long way in making sure that the area stays looking cleaner for longer. 

Mop Up 

Hard surfaces, particularly floors with much foot traffic, will dull quickly. After a great office party, the floors take an extra beating with all the food, drinks, and dancing that happens. 

Giving them a quick mop will help them to look fresh and clean. It will take care of spills that can linger and seep into the wood, causing damage underneath, and remove all evidence of the night’s dancing and frivolities. 

Vacuum Carpets

Any carpeted area or rugs will hold onto things like food scraps, confetti, glitter, and other party-associated things that find their way to the floor. 

The vacuum not only saves the bending and backache but can get things out that are hiding deeper in the fibres.  


The holiday season not only brings fun and laughter but also the common cold and flu. A season we like to avoid, but it's not always possible to do so. 

By sanitizing surfaces, especially after a large gathering, you help to reduce the risk of exposure and, therefore, protect your staff and clients. 

Some cleaning products combine cleaning power with sanitizer, so it's worth checking what you have before you use it.  

Bathrooms and Common Areas

Aside from the main area that holds the party, you should include other areas in the post-party clean-up. The bathroom will see just as much traffic as the dance floor.

Stalls, counters, and sinks should all get cleaned and sanitized, as well as the door fixtures and floors.

Other areas, such as locker rooms, coatrooms, and kitchens, should also be cleaned. Office parties do tend to spill into other areas of the office, so it’s worth making sure that they all get a once-over, especially if they are places that clients are likely to see after the party. 

Office Cleaning Services: Trust the Post Party Professionals

When you invest time and money in throwing the party of the century for your staff and clients, hiring a professional office cleaning company to assist with post-party cleaning is also an investment you should not overlook. 

Your cleaning company, which looks after your cleaning needs daily, may offer additional one-off services. 

An invaluable resource to help get the office back into a presentable and functional space, clean and fresh, and with no trace of any party, office cleaning companies are here to help.   

RBC Clean has been servicing the GTA and Ontario clients for many years. They have the expertise to clean and maintain your office space quickly and efficiently without breaking your festive spirit or budget. 

Call 1-855-493-9259 and speak to our friendly and professional care team to see how we can help you, or get a quick quote online now and let us help you make it cleanly through this holiday season.

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