How to Choose a Commercial Cleaner

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Tips To Choose A Commercial Cleaner

When you hire a cleaning service for your business, it’s fair to have the expectation that everything will be cleaned thoroughly, from top to bottom. However, it might surprise you to know that other people have a different standard of what, exactly, clean means. To make sure that there’s no miscommunication between you and your hired cleaner, there are a few key questions that you can ask to ensure everyone’s expectations are aligned. Here are a few points to consider before you hire your next cleaning service.

How Long Has the Cleaning Company Been in Business?

If you blindly pick a carpet cleaning service off the internet, then you may want to ask how long they have been in the cleaning business. Any reluctance on their part to answer that question should raise a red flag for you. While every carpet cleaning business was new at some point, think it over before trusting a novice to clean your valuable carpets and rugs that can be expensive to replace.

Be Specific About Your Expectations

Granted, most people might assume that a cleaning service hired to clean your carpets actually use steam cleaners to remove dirt, dust, debris and stains that accumulate in carpets. Reasonable people might think that cleaning a carpet means removing germs you cannot see and vacuuming visible dirt.

However, if you do not ask how the agency plans to clean your carpets, then don’t be surprised to eventually discover they only apply a deodorizer and vacuum your rugs. That is how some cleaning agencies interpret what you mean when asked to clean your carpets, but that won’t give your carpet the deep clean it needs.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Floors and carpets quickly collect germs, mud, animal hair and other debris carried in on the shoes or paws of whatever walks over the area. While surface dirt can and should be vacuumed frequently, that is no substitute for deep cleaning the carpet to remove the germs and bacteria.

Ask them what method they plan to use to clean your carpet, and do your research. Truck mounted carpet steam cleaning systems provide the most thorough method available to clean your carpet. Dirty water and debris immediately gets extracted and removed from your home to our truck.

Where is the Cleaning Company Based?

Ask where the carpet cleaning service has its headquarters. If it is overseas, consider that it may become a complicated situation if your carpets were to get ruined; local businesses may be easier to get in touch with. Look for a company based in your local area — you can support local businesses while having peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Effective

You would not consider cleaning your hair using only a blow dryer without shampooing it first. Think of your carpet kind of like hair for your home; simply vacuuming it is not sufficient. It may not need a deep clean quite as often as your hair, but eventually, all carpets and rugs should undergo commercial cleaning for a couple of reasons. Hiring a professional cleaner has its advantages, including:

  1. Commercial carpet cleaners have access to products not available to the general public. Many of these cleaners are environmentally-friendly and safe for your carpet as well as your family.

  2. Just because it smells clean does not mean it is germ-free. Cleaning products marketed to consumers often contain perfumes that lead you to believe your carpet is clean and free of stains. Commercial cleaning solutions may leave a pleasant odour or no odour, but you can be sure that your carpets are cleansed of harmful bacteria after their use.

  3. When applied effectively, steam cleans your carpets thoroughly. Steam requires a high water temperature often unrealistic to expect from a home hot water unit. Your hot water heater normally contains water heated to 120 to 140 degrees, effective steam cleaning requires water heated up to 200 degrees. With a professional home cleaner, you can get the steam clean that your carpet requires.

  4. Thoroughly extracting water from your carpets is difficult to achieve without a commercial carpet cleaning service. No matter how effective hot water or steam may be in loosening germs and debris, your carpet will retain the residue along with water unless powerful extraction methods can suck it out.

  5. For full sanitizing purposes, your carpet must dry completely and thoroughly within 72 hours. Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments. If your carpet is not completely dried within 72 hours bacteria will begin breeding underneath it as well as within it. When you clean your carpets using water, it is difficult to remove all of it from your carpet fibres. The moisture can easily remain to damage your floors, carpets and your health.

  6. Proper disposal of dirty water and debris. When you use a carpet cleaner at home, you have to dispose of the dirty water and germs either down your drain pipes or on your lawn or garden. A good commercial carpet cleaning service removes the dirty water with the debris from your home and neighbourhood to dispose of it properly.

To learn more about the benefits of commercial cleaning and how to choose the right cleaning service, call RBC Clean 289-800-7694 or contact us here.

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