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Professional Cleaning Services

Homemaking Tips for Busy Families

March 6, 2015

Does it ever feel like no matter how long you spend cleaning and organizing your home, there’s never any end in sight? You try to make time to mop the floors and clear the counters, but you look away once and there’s already a brand new pile of dust and junk to deal with?

Homemaking Tips

You’re not alone. In today’s busy age, it can seem impossible to find the time to keep a house organized and clean. In an ideal world, we’d all have enough money to hire a housekeeper for our daily duties, but unfortunately this isn’t possible for most. Instead, we’re left to do the day-to-day tidying ourselves, while inviting a professional to do the larger jobs once every few weeks.

To help make your everyday homemaking easier, we’ve put together some homemaking tips that should make keeping the house tidy easy for even the busiest men and women!

  1. Make a Schedule
  2. Instead of letting things pile up and trying to complete dozens of chores in one day, make a schedule. For instance, mark the 1st of every month as the day you wash your comforter and wax the floors. On the 15th of every month, clear out your freezer and refrigerator, and give your oven a thorough cleaning.

    You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly tasks. This makes it easier to keep on top of things.

  3. Clean and Organize in Chunks
  4. Housework seems even more daunting if you think you have to commit to it for the next four hours. Instead of devoting an entire afternoon to a marathon cleaning session, clean in chunks. Set a timer to go off every 20 or 30 minutes after which you can take a short break. Odds are that once you get momentum, you won’t even want the break!

  5. Make it Fun!
  6. Cleaning doesn’t mean you have to be down on your hands and knees in a dark room like Cinderella. Put together a playlist of your favourite songs, prepare some of your favourite snacks to munch on as you go, and make a, event out of it!

  7. Get the Whole Family Involved
  8. The more hands on deck, the faster the job gets done. Encourage your whole family to get involved with cleaning. Aside from getting more done, it also turns housework into a social event.

    For extra motivation, give each other challenges like, “Who can pick up the most things in 10 minutes?”

  9. Clean As You Go
  10. The easiest way to keep the house tidy is by cleaning as you go. When you see a cup out on the table, put it away when you see it instead of waiting for a whole sink’s worth of dishes to pile up.

    Be mindful of your environment, and take a minute here and there to keep things organized and you’ll never have a huge mess to deal with!

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