5 Signs Of Mildew In Your Office

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How To Spot Mildew In Your Office

Moisture is insidious and most homes and offices have moisture damage, or problems somewhere. It is hard to keep any and all moisture out of any indoor space, but when it becomes a problem, it becomes necessary to do something about it. If you are unsure about whether or not you have a mildew problem in your office, below are five signs of mildew to keep your eye, and your nose out for.

Strange Smells. Mildew has a very distinct smell that most of us are familiar with. Wet, decaying, organic matter smells bad. If you can smell dampness and dankness in your work area, it may be because there is mildew growing, whether in the floors, or in the walls, nearby. This is all the more likely if the office you work in is old.

Health Symptoms. Because it's not always easy to see mould and mildew, people often assume it's not there. If you, your coworkers, or your employees feel tired, listless, or experience itchy eyes while at work, there might be a mildew problem behind it. It is quite common for people who are living in environments with high amounts of mould and mildew to feel like this while at home, but feel perfectly fine while they are out and about.

Pink Hues On The Wall. The classic pink hues that we have all seen in mildewy bathrooms can appear anywhere. If you start to notice pink streaks on walls, especially near bathrooms, or kitchens, there may be a plumbing problem that is causing mildew to accumulate. There may also be an air circulation problem that is trapping moist air inside your office.

Lung Infections. If there are an unusual number of people in an office setting coming down with bronchitis, or pneumonia, there may be mildew and mould behind it. Breathing in mildew and mould is terrible for your lungs and an unusually high incidence of people absent from work because of these illnesses might be pointing in that direction.

Wet Clothing And Furniture. If you notice that things seem damp throughout the day in your office, it may be because there is too much moisture in the air. Over time, this will lead to a mildew problem, which can become immediately visible around windows, and other areas where warm and cool air collide on a regular basis.

Mildew needs to be addressed as soon as it’s discovered because it is one of those problems that gets worse over time. If you are working in an environment with mildew in it, report it and make sure something is done to address it. Keep in mind the above five signs of mildew in your office and eliminate it from your office, wherever it is found.

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