5 Areas in Your Office That Require Deep Cleaning

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Areas in your office that require deep cleaning

Without even realizing it, offices can quickly become dirty, dusty, and riddled with stale odours. People spend so much of their lives at the office, eating, using the washroom, and even sleeping there at times! It’s no wonder that most office spaces have certain areas that may have been overlooked for far too long. Certain areas may have accumulated a little too much dirt and grime, which require frequent intervention so as not to become downright filthy and even unsafe for staff and customers.

If you own an office or commercial space (or are simply looking for ways to keep your office or cubicle clean), read below to find out the 5 areas in your office that definitely need a deep clean. Whether you get started today or tomorrow, dust and dirt are sure to be waiting for you in the following places:


Have you ever been in a public washroom where you could tell it hadn’t been cleaned in days, or maybe even weeks? These are some of the worst places we can ever imagine ourselves in and, often, we would rather not use the washroom at all than even attempt to use a filthy one. Bathrooms at your office will need to be cleaned almost daily and quite thoroughly as well!

Special products will need to be used to clean your bathrooms and ensure that no germs remain on toilet seats, fountains, or on walls and stalls. Toilet paper will need to be regularly stocked, as well as hand soap and paper towels so that guests can continue good hygiene practices. Never neglect to clean your office bathroom, as an unkempt bathroom can make staff and customers feel uncomfortable and hesitant to support your business. If you have the means to do so, hire a professional cleaning company that can deeply and properly clean your washrooms every day.


Along with bathrooms, kitchens can easily accumulate dirt, grime, and crumbs from food that gets left behind. Fridges, pantry shelves, and countertops will need to be cleaned regularly so that employees feel good about taking lunch hour in the kitchen or break room. Be sure to clean and evaluate the grout, the back of cupboards, and regularly change out the garbage and food bins.

Food left out too long can cause the kitchen to produce foul odours that will deter customers and bother your staff. The odors from even small bits of food can attract pests to your kitchen, not only would this increase the amount of dirt in your office kitchen, but some droppings from pests can be toxic. Keep in mind that, often, spills will happen in the kitchen and need to be tended to immediately so that they don’t spread, cause odours or stain the floor.

High-Traffic Floors

While cleaning your floors and carpets are important, you will want to pay special attention to high-traffic areas such as the reception front desk and hallways. These can get especially messy in the winter months when people track through with muddy boots, leaving slush and dirt in their wake. Mopping and perhaps waxing should be a regular occurrence and should not be neglected.

Behind Cords and Cables

Do you ever check behind your desk and take a peek at the condition of all the cords and wires down below? Chances are no one has ever cleaned there since your computer was originally set up. It would be a wise idea to do some dusting and perhaps wipe down any especially dirty areas with a damp cloth. Dust that accumulates here could be contributing to a poor air quality and seasonal allergies. Breathe easier by giving these areas the deep cleaning they most definitely deserve.

Walls and Window Treatments

Often neglected, walls should be given a deep cleaning from time to time. This is because they can become yellow or dark due to dirt and grime accumulating over time. Pay special attention to baseboards, door handles, and corners that may collect dirt and dust easier than in other places.

Try to give the walls a thorough cleaning at least monthly. While doing this, give your windows, curtains, blinds, and any window treatments a good clean as well. Make sure you are using the right products for your particular window treatments, as different materials may require special treatment.

Hire a Professional

Never be afraid to call in help when it comes to office cleaning. Not only can it be quite the task, but it can also be especially difficult to maintain a clean office and run a successful business at the same time. In order not to sacrifice the needs of your business, hire a professional cleaning company that has the manpower and knowledge to execute a great, thorough cleaning job every single time.

All of the places that need regular cleaning can be overwhelming to even think about. If you need some help with your office or retail space, we can help you at RBC Clean. Our team of cleaning professionals are ready to tackle any mess at any time!

For more information on our office cleaning services, janitorial cleaning services, and fees, please call RBC Clean at 1-866-278-8208 or contact us here. We understand your cleaning needs and are always equipped with the right products and proper procedures to have your office looking and feeling brand new in no time.

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