6 Habits for a Cleaner Workplace

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6 habits for a cleaner workplace

As offices open up worldwide, it has become crucial for employers to implement hygienic practices in the office. COVID-19 has taught us that sanitary habits like washing hands regularly and disinfecting surfaces are not practiced enough.

At Royal Building Cleaning, we prioritize the safety of your workspace. We offer commercial cleaning services in Markham that keep your offices clean and welcoming.

While our cleaning services will go a long way in ensuring a dirt-free environment in your workplace, there are some practices that you can carry out daily in the office to provide a healthy workspace for your staff and clients.

Below, we will first discuss three reasons why you should maintain office cleanliness. Then, we will highlight six habits for a cleaner workspace.

Why You Should Keep Your Office Clean

As with forming any habit, you are less likely to implement it if you do not know why you need to do so. Here are three reasons why you need a cleaner workspace to begin with:

1. It provides safe working conditions

Domestic hazards (like tripping over messy electric cords around the office) are common in dirty and disorderly offices. The more clutter you have in your workplace, the more people are going to trip over things, leading to a risk of injuries to your employees.

Other health hazards, like harmful dust particles that can cause respiratory problems, are also abundant in dirty environments. In tidy and clean spaces, however, you are less likely to run into health hazards, and you can work under safe conditions.

2. Improve the image of your business

What feeling do you get when you step into a place of business that is clean, organized, and with glistering floors and happy employees? You feel welcome and look forward to completing whatever business brought you to that workspace.

Well, the feeling you get from that hypothetical situation is what your clients and visitors get when they visit a clean office. A clean office welcomes clients and encourages them to do business with you. It also improves your business’ overall image.

3. Increase employee efficiency

Working in a dirty and cluttered environment is distracting. You cannot focus on your work because of so much clutter, and you find it difficult to find items, which reduces your efficiency.

In germ-free surroundings, though, you will not fall sick as much, and you can do your job to the best of your capacity.

6 Habits for a Cleaner Workplace

We have discussed why you need a cleaner office. Now, we will provide six habits that you can build in your workplace to promote a more sterile environment.

1. Regularly take out the trash

You cannot emphasize taking out the trash enough. If you leave garbage around the office, it will not only breed flies and germs, but also leave a negative impression on visitors.

If you notice your employees leaving trash in the office, what you can do is create a roster to assign the duty of taking the trash out daily to different people. That way, your employees can partake in the safekeeping of their health.

2. Put up visual cues

Placing posters around the office that remind people not to eat at their desks, to wash their hands after using the bathroom, stop littering, sneeze and cough into a tissue, etc., will ensure the environment around your place of business is neat and tidy.

People are more likely to do something if you remind them constantly, and visual cues do just that.

3. Keep office desks clear of clutter

For your office to be cleaner, tidier, and more visually appealing, you need to reduce and possibly eradicate clutter around the office. As we have highlighted above, clutter is distracting, not for your staff alone, but for your customers too.

It will help if you make a habit of decluttering the office before closing, as many employees and employers tend to pile items on their desks daily.

4. Consider going cordless

Electric cords around the office do not give your business a good image. For your office to appear prim and proper, consider using cordless electronic devices.

If going cordless is not something you want to consider, then you should ensure that you properly arrange the cords around your workplace in order to prevent accidents.

5. Make cleaning products available

To build cleaner habits around the office, you must ensure that sanitary products are not lacking. Sanitary products, like disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, hand soap, disinfecting spray, and toilet paper, must be available to everyone.

You want everyone around the office to find it easy to clean up after themselves or wash their hands regularly. Suppose these sanitary items are unavailable or their supply is limited; in that case, your staff will have no choice but to practice bad hygiene, thus leading to a dirty workplace.

6. Regular office cleaning

The best habit for a cleaner office is cleaning it regularly. Employing the services of professional commercial cleaning companies will result in your office looking tidy and clean.

Commercial cleaning services clean the corners and heights that you may not notice or be able to reach using their technology. You get good customer service, your office will be in great condition, and your business will reflect well on your clients.

Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Service

Even with hygienic practices such as the ones listed above, you need a professional service like Royal Building Cleaning to clean your workplace. Here are a few reasons why:

  • We provide a sparkling clean and fresh environment at your office using the most sophisticated technologies available.
  • Using our technologies, we can provide high-level cleaning services to clean hard-to-reach places like air vents and ceilings.
  • We have lots of cleaning experience, so we use the right chemicals that will not cause stains and will not cause harm.
  • We will listen to your complaints and ensure that we meet all your cleaning goals.
  • We can also provide you with cleaning products to keep your offices clean.

To learn more about our commercial cleaning services or book an appointment, please call us at 1-855-493-9259 or contact us here.

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