6 Signs Your Business Needs Janitorial Cleaning Services

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6 signs your business needs janitorial cleaning services

When you started your dream company, it was a small space, easy to clean and stay on top of. Now that your business has taken off, you are catering to regular paying clients and employing staff for different aspects of the job. This leaves you with the smaller areas you need to catch up on, such as the cleaning. 

That doesn’t mean you need a full-time janitor on site, ready to pounce as a candy wrapper falls to the floor. However, the extra help would certainly go a long way. There are some things that your staff can take care of, such as emptying their personal garbage or taking documents to the shredder and emptying them when they become too full. 

Even so, there are still other areas where this help would come in handy–that’s where a janitorial services company in Vaughan comes in. If you’re interested in learning about the signs that indicate you should partner with a cleaning company, let’s take a moment and break it down. 

1. Business Expansion and Growth

Gone are the days of the stereotype of a business starting in a basement. Now, you are in a large commercial space with a warehouse out the back to hold products, a manager's office, a staff break room, bathrooms, and even a locker room. 

This growth is a great way to measure your success, but it also allows the cleaning to get out of hand. Though the customer areas are always on point, clean, shiny, and rubbish-free, the staff will soon complain about the state of the washrooms or kitchen counters. 

From a health and safety standpoint, the warehouse floor should be clear of debris that could cause an employee to have an accident. A clean kitchen countertop and working dishwasher are necessary for employee satisfaction and to prevent a high staff turnover. 

A small clean-up crew who can come in overnight and care for these areas will help you focus on the more essential things and keep the business growing. 

2. High Sick Rate

Even if you can’t see the dirt and germs on surfaces, your employee's health will indicate that you should pay more attention to disinfecting surfaces and cleaning commonly touched items. Cold, Flu, and COVID season is a prime time to pay more attention to completely cleaning common areas, but even cater to personal workspaces. 

However, if the staff are out sick, you must fill their roles. So, well-needed cleaning goes further down the priority list. Then, more people are ill, pushing it down further. In this catch-22 situation, you need the staff to work so you can clean, but they are out sick as the cleaning still needs to be done.  

3. No Longer A Productive Place Of Work

Over time, productivity may drop. No one likes to work in dirt and grime (unless that is the job), which can put people off coming to work or wanting to work if they do show up.  Clients will be put off and stop coming in, so business will start to decline. 

Small things like dust on the counter or garbage bins overflowing all over the place can be highly offputting to most people and can drag down morale and productivity.

While countertops and floors look clean and dirt-free, if other areas need attention, it dampens the whole place, and people's willingness to work and productivity slowly disappears.

4. It’s Not My Job

When you had a smaller company, everyone was willing to pitch in and do what was needed. Now that you have grown, people focus more on their actual job role and less on the extra things they used to help with. 

Aside from their day-to-day job and the requirements that come with it, finding the time to sweep and mop the floors, vacuum and disinfect countertops, and even clean the toilets in the bathroom become unreasonable requests as an employer.  

While cleaning the office aside from the personal workspace may not be in the job description, it still needs to get done, and someone needs to do it. A janitorial service at this point would be a valuable resource.

5. Oscar the Grouches’ Summer Home

Take a look around. Are the garbage bins overflowing? Perhaps, the dumpsters appear a little full, and no one has called the waste company to empty them. If certain areas are starting to look like a summer vacation for Oscar, then it’s time to resolve the problem. 

While a contract to deal with the dumpsters is essential, eliminating overflowing garbage promptly makes all the difference. 

While paper garbage, shredded or otherwise, is not a major concern despite being unsightly, kitchen garbage can generate smells that will lead to other issues when not taken out immediately. 

6. Are You Embarrassed? 

You have a significant and vital client meeting coming up. You’ve ordered lunch, had your best suit taken to the dry cleaners and made sure to shower that morning. You look stunning. 

You walk confidently into the conference room to start setting up, and your stomach drops. There is dust and dirt everywhere. The floor needs cleaning, the garbage needs emptying, and the counters need wiping from the last meeting. 

There is insufficient time to clean as the client waits downstairs, so you must devise a backup plan.

If this happens more often than you would like, or in any of the above situations, it’s time to get help. RBC Clean is your professional janitorial services company in Vaughan that can take care of all your cleaning needs without you having to worry about anything other than the business at hand. 

Call 1-855-493-9259 or contact us here, and one of our expert customer care team members will guide you through the services and see how we can help you and your business today.

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