6 Ways A Clean Workplace Can Impact Company Morale

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Improving Company Morale With A Clean Workplace

It stands to reason that a clean workplace is one where employees feel good about spending the better part of their working days. No one wants to sit in a dirty office or cubicle. It has been shown, too, that a workplace that is clean increases employee productivity. Here are some reasons why getting your workplace spic and span will make the work days of your employees much more pleasant and much more productive.

  1. Better Health Equals Fewer Sick Days

    A dirty environment is not healthy. Dirty surfaces can breed germs and bacteria, and sick days decrease a company’s productivity. Work spaces should be disinfected daily. Floors should be vacuumed and washed on a regular basis. The janitorial team should pay particular attention to washrooms.

  2. Satisfied Employees

    When employees come to clean work spaces every day, it’s one less thing for them to think about. No one wants to sit at a dirty desk every day, and nobody wants to see dirt and grime on flooring and carpets. Employee satisfaction means a great deal in the workplace.

  3. Productivity Improves

    People’s health is affected by dirt and dust. It could make breathing difficult, and could cause headaches or skin irritations. A dirty and dusty environment can cause tiredness, lack of motivation or general malaise in employees. People are more apt to put more effort into their work when they feel healthy, and a clean environment helps people to feel healthy.

  4. It Affects Your Image

    If customers walk into your business or office space and find clutter and dirt, they may think the work, products or services you provide won’t be up to par. You don’t want people to have the impression you have a filthy work environment. Proper cleaning procedures will leave more than clean spaces, they will leave good impressions!

  5. Expensive Investments Last Longer

    If you’ve shelled out the money for lovely looking floors, light fixtures, furniture and accessories for your office, keeping them clean will preserve their lives. If they’re not cleaned regularly with the proper products, floors will lose their shine and carpets will become gunky. Furniture can just as easily become grimey.

  6. Breathe in Better Air

    Not having dust bunnies floating around everywhere preserves the air quality in an office, which can become stale. This, too, contributes to the good health of employees. Investing in plants helps the air as well, but do not forget that they have to be kept free of dust too.

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