How Regular Window Cleaning Enhances Workplace Productivity

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How regular window cleaning enhances workplace productivity

Windows play an important role in a building’s structure, and its maintenance plays an even bigger role in staff health, productivity, and company image. However, how exactly does this process work? Why should we have more natural light instead of relying on artificial sources?

We need to start by understanding why light is important to us. Natural light helps plants to grow, and in a human-made structure, such lighting helps workers be more productive.

Sunlight is a source of vitamin D and assists in producing the happy emotions released when we are comfortable. By allowing natural light to enter through large, clean windows, you are giving your staff the endorphins and vitamins they need.

Artificial light can prevent us from getting this essential vitamin and can lead to the development of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), wherein we crave natural light, especially in the darker months of winter.

Natural vs. Artificial Light

In a world where everything is manufactured (including our light sources), exposing ourselves to natural light is now even more important than ever.

As noted earlier, our bodies need vitamin D to maintain our mental and physical health, which natural light helps us produce. This is essential for regulating our bodily functions, sleep patterns, and moods. When exposed to natural light, we are happier and healthier, and sleep better, allowing us to rest properly after a hard day at work. This gives us the energy to function at our best the following day.

As we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, we lose out on this vital process. With clean windows allowing organic light to enter our workspace, we replace the need for artificial light and begin to thrive again on the natural goodness from the sun.

More Natural Light Means Less Sickness

Health and safety regulations state that as an employer, you must provide safe working conditions and a clean environment for your staff and clients.

Clear windows aid in the cleanliness of your facility, which, in turn, leads to fewer sick days, less liability for your company, and less sick time paid out.

Specifically, clear windows help reduce eye strain and muscular tension, which are contributing factors in the most common reasons for sick leave in offices. Poor visibility can lead to migraines, back issues, and stress. With the reduction of workplace stress caused by dimly lit workspaces, the other two aforementioned issues decrease naturally.

Additionally, we see an increase in mood and energy when workers are exposed to natural light. This elevates productivity and concentration, leading to a more efficient and happy workplace.

Clean Windows and Company Image

Have you ever stopped and compared two companies side by side on a street? What catches your eye the most: the bright colours used in the logo, the landscaping at the front, or the bright windows inviting you to look inside?

You may not realize it, but your focus is drawn to the building where the windows are clean and inviting. On the other hand, you will likely avoid a business with dirty and worn-out windows that make a building look abandoned.

The way your company presents itself to the outside world is just as important as how you treat your staff and customers on the inside. Clean windows promote good health and productivity within but also encourage people from the outside to enter.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Windows

With regular cleaning, you can see possible issues before they become a real problem. Routine cleaning, for example, helps to promote the longevity of your windows.

This boosts your health and safety rating with sturdy, clean structures. Additionally, it increases employee satisfaction by providing a safer workspace.

It’s not just the materials used in the window that will benefit from this cleaning. The sills and frames holding the window in place are also important for maintenance. Simply wiping down the sill once a week can help to extend the overall window life.

The longer your windows can perform at their best, the better for your staff and budget. Less money spent on replacing or repairing windows allows you to invest more in your workforce.

The Second Happiest Place on Earth

Clean environments promote healthier and happier work environments, but so does natural light. It helps fight off germs, boost mood-enhancing hormone production naturally in our brains, and increase our natural creation of vitamin D, which leads to improved well-being.

Studies show that natural light benefits the work environment more than artificial light. Staff are more motivated to come to work and be productive when there. Sick leave is lessened, staff interactions are more amicable, and there is less tension all around.

Your company’s reputation will be enhanced, clients will look forward to arriving for meetings, and business will increase because of clean windows and naturally lit areas.

The Window-Cleaning Heroes

Of course, a general cleaning of easy-to-reach windows is quite simple to do. On the other hand, a good cleaning of the harder-to-reach windows, especially on the higher floors, requires professionals with the right equipment to reach them safely.

At RBC Clean, our local professionals provide window cleaning in Toronto with the proper equipment. With the ability to reach up high and clean the windows both inside and outside, we are your partner in cleaning and extending window life and functionality.

Working with us, you can achieve a happier, safer, and more inviting work environment for people to conduct business. So, why wait? Call RBC Clean at 1-888-493-9259 today, or contact us here and get your free quote. Let us help you clean up those windows.

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