How to Keep Your Office’s Electronics Free From Dust

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How to keep your office’s electronics free from dust

Dusty office? That’s bad news for your electronics! Keeping your office electronics free from dust is a big and important task. Here’s how to do it.

Why should you keep your office electronics free from sust?

Dust Is Bad for Electronics

Dusty electronics are more likely to overheat and malfunction. Over time, this dust accumulation is damaging to the device and shortens its lifespan.

Electronic devices attract dust particles, which accumulate on screens and are sucked into the system via the fans. The device becomes clogged with dust, negatively impacting performance. 

Dust also blankets important components, which leads to overheating. And overheating can cause seemingly sudden hardware failures.

Your business relies on its electronic devices to function. Plus, these devices are significant investments. If you let dust get the upper hand, you will be forced to replace your office’s electronics far more frequently. This quickly becomes expensive.

And Bad for Your Staff

Dust isn’t good for your staff either. After all, dust is irritating to our lungs. A dusty office is particularly bad for staff members with asthma or other breathing conditions.

If you’re allowing dust to build up throughout your office, then you’re not keeping a very clean space. Consequently, germs and bacteria are also building up on all the surfaces that you are not having properly cleaned. As a result, your staff are more likely to get sick, miss work days, and resent their job.

How to Keep Your Electronics Clean

Clean Your Office Regularly

Maintaining a clean office is the best way to keep your electronics free from dust. After all, if there’s less dust floating around your workplace, that’s less dust that can get sucked into your devices.

Keeping a perfectly clean office is practically a full-time job in its own right, which is why we recommend hiring an office cleaning company. The sole focus of a professional cleaner is to keep your office looking great and free from dust. That’s it! And they have the right equipment for the job.

Royal Building Cleaning has more than 60 years of cleaning experience. Our wide range of janitorial and office cleaning services combats dust buildup in your office.

No More Carpets

Carpets provide the perfect environment for dust to hide and accumulate. Removing carpets and replacing them with solid flooring solutions makes it easier to keep your office free of dust. You can see the dust building up and will be prompted to clean your floors more regularly!

Leave Gaps Between Walls and Devices

Dust loves nooks, crevices, and small spaces. By leaving gaps between walls and devices (such as printers and copiers), you allow for better airflow that can prevent dust from settling. Plus, larger gaps are easier to clean.

Control Humidity With Your HVAC

Humidity is either your friend or your enemy. A little moisture in the air reduces the number of floating dust particles. However, too much humidity can cause dust-covered technology to short-circuit.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Is your office constantly dusty, no matter how often you clean? If dust begins accumulating immediately, then the issue is likely with your ducts. When you neglect to properly maintain your HVAC system, dust and debris builds up in the vents and ducts. It is then expelled back into your office. You may even notice puffs of dust coming from the vents!

Use Microfibre Cloths on Electronic Screens

When cleaning your electronics, it’s important to use the right tools. For example, you should use microfibre cloths to wipe dust from electronic screens. Paper towels and tissues are too rough and can leave scratches.

And Compressed Air on Keyboards

Compressed air is great for cleaning dust and debris from keyboards and other small crevices. As we said before, dust loves small and hard-to-reach places!

Do Not Clean Electronic Devices with (Most) Liquids

It should come as no surprise that water and electronics do not mix. Therefore, any sticky or stained surfaces should be handled with care. We suggest a diluted alcohol-water solution (50/50) to tackle these specific messes. Alcohol dries quickly, making it a safer option for electronic cleaning. Still, never apply this solution directly to the device. Instead, dampen a cotton swab or cloth and use that instead.

The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning

At the end of the day, dust is bad for business. It causes electronic devices to malfunction, ultimately shortening their lifespan. Plus, it can negatively impact the health of your employees, resulting in reduced job satisfaction and more sick days.

A dust-free office is also part of your company’s professional image.

But dusting can feel like an endless task, particularly in large facilities and bustling offices. That’s why you need a professional office cleaning service whose sole task is to keep your office dust-free and looking great.

Royal Building Cleaning in Vaughan can help. We create a custom cleaning plan for your company based on your workplace, its cleaning requirements., and your budget. Furthermore, our janitorial and office cleaning staff are on call 24/7 for problems and emergencies.

To learn more about our office cleaning services, call RBC Clean at 866-278-8208 or contact us here.

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